Our White Farmhouse Kitchen – Five Years Later



My husband and I were debating yesterday how long it has been since we renovated our kitchen and we could not believe it has been five years.  We chose a white farmhouse kitchen even before the days of Pinterest!  By the way, in case you are wondering, Pinterest launched in March of 2010.

It had me wondering, if I were to do my kitchen now with all of the amazing eye candy out there on Pinterest, would I still make the same choices?  And, after five years, am I still happy with the choices that I made.

By the way, because I know you will be wondering, all of the sources (that I know) can be found HERE.



To start with – the layout (you can find all of the details on the layout here).  We took out our very small and unused mudroom to gain four more feet in the length (our laundry room is not out that door you see below, which used to be one bay of our garage).  This was the best decision we made because it allowed us to have a sit down island which we use every single day.  It also allowed us to layout the cabinets better including the hutch area that I love.

Layout – I wouldn’t change a thing.  Click here to see our full farmhouse kitchen before and after.




Moving on to the white painted cabinets, I would do that again.  I will say however we have had some wear and tear on the cabinet paint.  The worst offender is the trash bin pull out cabinet.  We have purchased spray paint from the manufacturer and our contractor has sanded out the spots and sprayed them to keep them looking fresh.

There is a small detail of an extra groove on the inside edge of the paneled door.  I never should have done that because it is a dirt collector and almost impossible to clean.  If I were to do it all again, I would do just a shaker door with no extra details.

We chose to finish our island in a rustic alder.  I still love the look of the mix of the wood with the painted cabinets and it has held up really well.




Appliances – I would say are a mixed bag.  The dishwasher works great – most of the time.  It seems strange to me however that I have to clean my dishwasher in order for it to work at its best.  My old junky one cleaned the dishes every time without fail and without my intervention.  The stove works great and I love the size.  We have had to have work done on it twice – once was our error and the second time was a part replacement that to me seemed a bit early to have to replace.  All that said, if I were to do it again, I would get the same stove.  I would NOT get the same dishwasher.




Our stainless steel farmhouse sink is one of my favorite things and has held up really well and is really easy to clean.  A+ on the sink for sure.   As reluctant as I was to install granite, I do love our Kashmire White style.  I also still love my white subway tiles.  They actually have a crackle glaze over them and there is a row of molded tiles so I think they stay classic with a little bit of a different style.




Lighting – I would not change the lighting over our island or over our table. I still love them both. I will say however that cleaning the glass is a pain, especially on the island fixtures.




We recently made the shelf over the stove a little bit deeper to add some more interesting items up there, but I am still fiddling with it.  And yes, these pictures were all taken when it was warm and there were leaves on the trees.  Oh how I miss those days, but I am trying to embrace the beauty of the snow and cold!

Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day!









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20 thoughts on “Our White Farmhouse Kitchen – Five Years Later”


  1. I renovated my kitchen five years ago as well. Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch, recently featured it on her blog. I would not change anything – except the dishwasher as well! I just ordered some product called “Dishwasher Magic” to try to clean mine. That was recommended in multiple internet posts as I was searching for an answer as to why my dishwasher is not cleaning well anymore. I hope it works!

  2. I love your kitchen, it is very inviting. I am getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets white. Would you mind sharing the color and finish you used on your cabinets? I follow your blog daily and I have gained much inspiration from your lovely home! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Always have loved your kitchen!…It is so beautiful and classic!…A kitchen in which you could decorate in any style! I would love to change out my countertops and truly love yours….I think I have pretty much nixed the marble ones due to the maintenance…Your kitchen is always so beautifully adorned with your amazing vintage items and theme!

  4. Laura, your kitchen is so pretty. I love all your accessories too. We are looking into installing granite countertops. It’s a big investment for us so I appreciate you letting us know that you like yours. I am right with you on the dishwasher. Our old one would take dried food of of plates and even pots and pans but 4 years ago we replace all our appliances and the new one just doesn’t do the job. I finally gave up and wash all our glasses by hand because they were always dirty. Like Christy who commented above I’ve used the dishwasher magic and I think it does help but you have to use it regularly.

    1. I hope you don’t mind me commented, Laura. I put in granite when I renovated five years ago. I love it! It doesn’t stain, chip or graze like marble. I do love the look of marble but am too much of a perfectionist to appreciate the patina that you will get from everyday use. Laura’s is a lovely white granite. I picked one more on the beige tones, as my cabinets are a creamy white. My husband re-seals it every year and it maintains it’s lovely shine. I would say it’s worth every penny.

      1. No worries at all Joanne – and yes, I too have loved my wood floors. Ours already have a “rustic” finish, so not too much bothers it. And you make a good point about the counters – we reseal them each year as well. Thanks for reminding me!

        Take care,


  5. Thanks so much for this really informative post. I see so many rooms both on the Internet and on the home shows and frequently wonder what it would be like to actually live with them (and clean them!). I appreciate your views on what you would do again, and what looks great but is a pain to clean! Really helpful.

  6. i appreciate your honesty about what works and what doesn’t in your kitchen. we will be doing a complete overhaul and i have been trying to decide between a raised panel cabinet door and a shaker style. since i’m not getting any younger, i will go with the shaker style for ease of cleaning. if i am not able to use my vintage 1906 sink, my second choice is your stainless steel farmer’s sink. thank you for the update on the functionality of your beautiful kitchen,

  7. Great to hear you are happy with most of your choices. Your kitchen is beautiful! I have chosen some similar things for our upcoming renovation. We are going to be ordering white cabinets too – and our doors have a raised panel. I thought about shaker style as well so I hope I won’t regret the extra grooves to clean! I think I am going with the stainless farm sink instead of a white one too. I have two messy boys and a husband who isn’t too careful in the kitchen so I think the stainless will be more practical. By the way, are you happy with wood floors in the kitchen? We are changing ours to wood and I am always interested to hear opinions on wood in the kitchen. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Shelley! I have hardwood floors in my kitchen. It does dent if you drop a knife or fork but I wouldn’t change it. I had ceramic tile in my last house and my feet were always sore. It’s also nice to have the warm wood tones with white cabinets.

  8. Always love me some follow up posts. 🙂 I am in love with the shelf above your stove, those little paintings are a beautiful pop of color. And that SINK?! A farmhouse style sink is definitely on my wish list. Have a great day!

  9. Beautiful! We remodeled our kitchen SIX years ago, in the middle of the biggest ice storm Kentucky has seen in decades! Lol! When the ice came, we were ALREADY without the ability to cook! Our layout was in complete flux until the walls were down to studs, and it took me, my best friend, our contractor, and the Amish cabinetmaker to stand in the kitchen and figure out the layout – and I love it. It’s not perfect, but in a 98-year-old house and a kitchen with 4 doors, it turned out well! 🙂

  10. Love every inch of your kitchen!! So what brand is the dishwasher? I have hear that dishwashers need to be cleaned once a month to do a good job. You clean the inside with a damp rag and make sure it is empty. Then place a dishwasher-safe cup filled with plain white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher. Using the hottest water available, run the dishwasher through a cycle – except for the cup of vinegar, the dishwasher needs to be empty.
    The vinegar will help to wash away the loose, greasy grime, sanitizes, and helps remove the musty odor.
    …..After using the vinegar to sanitize the inside of the dishwasher, sprinkle a cupful of baking soda around the bottom of the tub and run it through a short but complete cycle using the hottest water. The baking soda will help freshen the smell of the dishwasher as well as brighten up the look of the inside of your appliance by removing stains….This really works and is cheap!!!

  11. You made such classic choices that I know you’ll enjoy your kitchen for many years to come. It was fun to read your post to “hear” your thoughts on the reno 5 years later. We just re-did our kitchen last summer and there are definitely things we would do differently, but overall, I think I will love my kitchen for several years. That was always the goal…update it to something we could love and live with for years. I definitely think you all accomplished that with your reno — looks gorgeous! 🙂

  12. ok, now i am going to have to find out what dishwasher you have and avoid it. ours is so old, but works great, plus we hardly use it. the thing is, it just looks old. decisions, eh? i think my favorite thing about this kitchen is the warmth from the wood island. enjoy your space!

  13. Laura,

    I really love your kitchen and I love how original and forward thinking your idea was. Who would have thought by choosing what you loved you would fit in with the most popular styles 5 years later. Now days Pinterest is our go to for inspiration in just about every category of life. It is our time waster, boredom killer, and our fairytale dream land. It just goes to show that following your heart is always the best route to lead to long term happiness instead of following what is popular. Trends come and go but love is forever.

  14. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlov-ing your kitchen!
    Coincidentally, we are currently installing a white kitchen in our Dutch colonial re-do, + we chose a wood finish island, as well!
    Our current, soon-to-be-former house was re-done in ’06, and get this — I didn’t spring for the white cabinets I wanted because (at the time) I feared they were going out of style + would look dated!
    HA! As if!

  15. I love your kitchen and love how you shared what you would and would not do again.

    Enjoyed my visit this morning. Blessings from Tennessee.