So You want to Build a snowman- Galvanized Snowman


Have you seen Frozen?

Didn’t Olaf make a great movie even better?

If you didn’t see it, Olaf is the snowman sidekick.

And then there is the song…

“Do you want to build a snowman…”

Well we did, but we decided to build a galvanized snowman.



After seeing our southern friends, despite the terrible road conditions, really enjoy the snow last week – I realized that we sometimes take it for granted.

It can be special and magical and fun.




And even though we really do already have our version of Olaf in our Bailey Rose…



It is a little more fun with our new mascot…um,err, I don’t have a name for her.




Any suggestions?




If you want to make your own galvanized snowman, just stack galvanized bins and the head is a maple bucket.  Inside the bottom one is a smaller bin with a piece of plywood to hold the next one up.  All the others are just fit on each other.

I attached all of the bits indoors with hot glue before I brought it outside.

Wishing you a day full of bright white fluffy snow – in all of the good ways and none of the bad!

Thanks for reading!



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15 thoughts on “So You want to Build a snowman- Galvanized Snowman”


  1. Very cute.I think my boy Booker want,s your GD to be his lil girlfriend. How about (snowden) for a temp name for her. Love the snow man just to cute. Laura you always have great ideas. Stau warm.

  2. Your snow person is adorable. I wanted to be politically correct – did you make it male or female? You are one clever girl, I still remember your reindeer cow 🙂 I love your action shot of the jump? Did you have to have many tries to have that turn out soooo good!?

  3. I love the snowman….very cute! My daughter has a 9 mth old goldendoodle named Jasper. He’s got so much energy and loves being out in the snow. They are such cute dogs! Have fun!

  4. Very cute and no worries of melting. You are so right, everyone needs to get out and have some fun in the snow once and awhile. Where I’m at we have definitely had our share and then some. Looks like your family had great fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ha…Adorable! I have not seen Frozen YET 🙂 YOUR SNOWMAN is so cute. Perfect idea for us Floridians!! Thanks for sharing your sweet family as well.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!