Spring Wreath Idea

Today I am bringing back one of my favorite projects from two years ago – a simple spring wreath.  There were a whole lot less of y’all then so I thought I would share one of my favorites.  It was part of my  Spring Mantel from last year.

vintage hankie flower wreath

It brought in a little green and a little vintage – just what I was looking for!

spring mantel 087

Anytime I can tie in something vintage, it is usually my preference.

Originally I was going to use the vintage hankies for a garland, but it just didn’t work out.

If you don’t have any vintage hankies they can be found on Etsy, in vintage shops, auctions, yard sales and the like.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to try to make them into flowers for a wreath.

spring mantel 136

I thought I would show you today how easy peasy it really was.

I already had the moss wreath (found at a local wholesaler last year).  It is a Styrofoam base.

However, if you wanted to recreate it, you could attached moss to a wreath base and get the same look.  Or even easier, wrap ribbon around a wreath form.

spring mantel 204

I attached the flowers using stick pins and hung from the mirror with a piece of vintage ribbon.

It really was that easy.

I folded another one today to show you how I made the vintage hankie flowers.

I started with this hankie, and yes it is confusing with the pattern on the tablecloth, and yes, I did go old school and put a tablecloth on my kitchen table.

I was just feeling it.

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

Simply knot one corner and hold the knot with your right hand.

Man, do hands age?

My last manicure was…yeah, too long ago to remember.

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

It is a basic fabric flower process, flip and wrap, flip and wrap…

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

You are basically building around the knot.

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

Again, flip and wrap…

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

With this particular hankie, there wasn’t a lot of detail on the edge, but when there is more detail the “flipping” part becomes more important to bring the detail out.

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

Keep coming around till you are done.

I used a safety pin at the back to secure mine because I knew I wanted to be able to removed them.

Vintage Hankie Flower Tutorial

However, if you were going to use them more permanently, you could just stitch and then glue a backing to it with felt or a stronger fabric.

When I placed them on the wreath, I also was able to secure them with stick pins.

spring mantel 211

I thought about adding more ribbon and some other details, but in the end decided just to keep it simple.

And that is all there is to it!

Thanks for reading!


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24 thoughts on “Spring Wreath Idea”


  1. Laura,
    I will have to try this idea. Your mantle looks great. bringing in the pink on the mantle as well as pillows makes the whole room “springy”.
    I have seen tulle roses like yours on a wedding headpiece/veil too. Such simple elegance.

  2. LOVE the idea of using the vintage hankies as roses! I have acquired quite a few vintage handkerchiefs but never wanted to cut them up for a project. This is the perfect project for them! 🙂

  3. I recently made a “hankie” quilt,using many of my Mother’s hankies.I cut 14″ solid blocks, machine stitched each hankie, using decorative applique stitching around the edges,securing them on the blocks. Stitched the blocks together to make it a coverlet. Any leftovers were made into pillows for the bed. I think I may have several left so I can try your lovely idea……

  4. Oh Laura!!! This wreath is just gorgeous!!!! I love old vintage linens. I just carefully washed some of my collection yesterday. Do you have any tips or tricks for removing spots on vintage material??? My thoughts are leaning towards tea dying some of my pieces because I do not want to use bleach. Oh!!! And before I go….. Is a tablecloth old school????? I had no idea. Lol!!!! I will be making this wreath post haste!!!!
    Blessings~ Shannon M.

  5. Love the idea of using old hankies as I have lots and lots of my nanny’s. Such a neat way to use them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, I was inspired by your vintage hankie wreath, and having so many of my grandma’s I’ve been keeping safe. I finished it today and now it’s up on my door. With I could share a pic with you. Thanks for the tip!