Thanksgiving Table Printable and Tutorial

Thanksgiving Table Printables Two Ways

With the events of the last week, I am finding myself appreciating the simplest of things. – lights, water a stocked refrigerator.

And with Thanksgiving not too far away, it  puts being thankful even more on my mind.

So I gathered up 6 simple, but to the point, Thanksgiving quotes that can be used on your tables.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

And the best part is, this is something you can finish now, set aside and then when the busy day of Thanksgiving comes, it is one less thing on your list.

So if you would like to create this look – here are the steps.

(The link for the printables are below.)

Materials – The print out of the quotes on cardstock of your choice, scissors, paper cutter, 3” circle punch and an edge punch.

Thanksgiving Printables Materials

 Step 1: Cut out the quotes loosely so that are smaller and so that you can insert it easily in the circle punch.  I used a scalloped edge one, but it will work with a plain circle as well.

Line up the quote from the underside of the punch and make sure that there is no white space visible around the outside of the circle – and punch.

If there is a plastic guard on the bottom side, it can be a little easier if you remove it.

Thanksgiving Table Printables

Step 2:  Repeat until all 6 quotes are punched.

Thanksgiving Quotes Printables

Step 3: Use an existing napkin ring or make one simply with a ribbon connected with hot glue.

Thanksgiving Table Napkin Holder

    Step 4: Attach the quote circle to the napkin ring.  You can do this simply by placing it or attaching it with a dot of glue.

Thanksgiving Table Place Setting

Step 5: Cook a turkey and all the trimmings and enjoy your meal.

I also made a second variation of these quotes – by removing the circle (that printable link is also below).

Thanksgiving Table Setting - Lace Detail

In this case, I cut the quotes 4 inches wide and 3.5” high with my paper cutter.

Thanksgiving Printables Steps

  Using the edge scallop punch, I added detail to the bottom.  This one had a pattern match on the sides so you can keep moving down, with it all lined up, until it is complete.

Thanksgiving Printables Edge Detail

Then I cut a background piece of cardstock also 4” wide by 3.5” high.

Thanksgiving Printables Backing

Then I just used a glue stick to place the quote over the top of the colored card stock.

This one I chose to just place on the plate.

Thanksgiving Table Quotes

Just as another option – you can use the printable without the circles with a 3” circle punch as well – just line it up from behind as well.

Thanksgiving Printables Without Border

To download the printable with the brown circles, please click here.

Thanksgiving Quotes Table Setting from Finding Home

To download the printable without the circles, please click here.

Thanksgiving Quotes Table Setting from Finding Home no circles

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Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. – And if you want a little sense of humor at your Thanksgiving table – that version is coming soon!

P.P.S. If you are looking for another Thanksgiving idea, check out this beautiful banner from Cottage in the Oaks.

Burlap Banner...THANKFUL, Burlap Pennant

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27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table Printable and Tutorial”


  1. All quotes I’ve been loving since always.
    Be Thankful doesn’t need a pre-set date, I think. But more and more I Love that you have this day to stop and be REALLY grateful.
    Be Blessed,

    P.S. Almost forgot to thank for the crafty ideas. I need to buy some of those gizmos you have. They had THAT final and SPECIAL touch.

  2. These are simple, but so impactful. I love these quotes you’ve found. I may very well be stealing this — or at the very least, taking these messages to heart.

    Thank you so much for sharing and for inspiring me.

  3. I was just going to make place cards for my Thanksgiving table when I came across your blog via Hooked on Houses. I love your printable and will use those instead! Looking forward to visiting the rest of your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What a blessing to see your beautiful words and setting including Johnson Brothers Friendly Village!! I have the same set and can’t wait to set our table using your generous download!

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