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Hello sweet friends – today I am sharing a super fun and crazy easy 10 Minute Decorating Idea.  This time we are talking about interchangeable art.

I have been wanting to rework my bookcase shelves forever – they have just not been working for me.  So, instead of being overwhelmed by the whole project, I just did one shelf – actually two.

But this doesn’t need to be a bookcase – it can be on a tabletop, a shelf – or the old fashioned way of on a wall.  The secret is to pick or make a frame that you love – and then change the art out as your mood changes.  It is a perfect way to quickly perk up a room.

Interchangeable Art on Make A Gif

I actually surprised myself and really liked the look of the more contemporary art in the traditional frame – the contrast just works for me.

Add a few accessories around it – vintage books, some candle holders and a few vintage accessories – and you are done.

 And the way to get all of this art is super simple as well.


The amazingly talented Jamin & Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home have published 4 amazing books.

The first one provides inspiration and detailed plans for creating your own custom artwork.

Since we are so darn cold here these days, we have picked out some great ideas to do once the weather warms up a bit – so for now, I bought my frame (details on the frame are below in the P.S.).


And then they went one step further and created books filled with amazing art that you can (easily) tear out and put in these frames.  They are all gorgeously printed on heavy stock paper – perfect for popping in a frame.

They grouped according to style – but I found I love options from all three books.  Simply use painter’s tape to hold in place on the matte but be able to easily change it out.  Each of the images are sized for a 8 x 10 opening in a frame and there is a mixture of horizontal and vertical images in each of the books.


That lobster is so being used once the weather warms up.



It is amazing how with the exact same styling, the changing of the artwork changes the whole look.


Comtemporary-Barn-Interchangeable-ArtFrom the Contemporary Book – “Colored Mountain” by Sarah B. Martinez.




Decorating-Ideas-Interchangeable-ShelvesFrom the traditional book, “Sweet Rides” by Amy Tyler


Modern-Art-in-BookcaseFrom the contemporary book, “Field No. 3” by Sarah B. Martinez


Camera-Photograph-StylingFrom the traditional book, “The Camera Collector” by Marianne LoMonaco

  Vintage-Bookcase-StylingFrom the traditional book, “Red Door” by Debbra Obertanec

 And now, I have been inspired to rework my whole bookcase this weekend.  Seeing each of the art pieces go into place and how much I loved them – made me realize that I want to add more art to my bookcases – and maybe I will finally get the shelves the way I like it.

And the best news of all – Jamin and Ashley are giving away a set of all four books to one lucky reader.

You will win: Handmade Walls, Art for the Contemporary Home, Art for the Traditional Home and Art for the Eclectic Home.

But if you can’t wait – go here to buy your own set.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today and wishing you a great day.!

 postsignature.pngDisclosure: Jamin and Ashley provided me with a set of books, but all opinions of how amazing this idea is and the artwork are all mine/




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55 thoughts on “Ten Minute Decorating ideas – Interchangeable Art”


  1. So many great choices! I actually love the abstract piece but don’t see the name under it (its #2) – kinda surprised myself!! I’d love to check out these books as I’m itching to create an interesting gallery wall in our family room. Thanks for hosting!
    Xo Heidi

  2. I love photo of sweet ride, and the red door, and the cameras!!! Haha!!! But I love the pink bikes, especially since I own my Grandmothers pink bicycle!!! Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

  3. Another great idea.
    I”m a sucker for old doors so “Red Door” is my favorite.
    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome books.

  4. My favorite is “Colored Mountain”. They are all great though! Would love to win the set. I was recently thinking about purchasing their first book…have seen it mentioned a lot lately. May head to B&N now. If I happen to win a friend or family member will reap the benefits too.

  5. What a good idea. I do this on a limited basis for artwork I place in the hallway outside my apartment to go along with seasonal vignettes. Some of the elderly residents walk the halls for exercise and always look forward to seeing the changing scenes. I’d love to be in the drawing for the books. I’d make good use of them.

  6. I love Red Door. I think art adds so much personality to your home. I am especially interested to read the books and change up some i already have. Thank you

  7. You make me want to buy my own books! This is such a clever idea. You are so super sweet fantastic to even write about it!!! I love this idea! ;} As always, thank you for your kind support – and I love those frames. ;} Have a happy weekend, friend!

  8. I have the perfect spot for the photo of the cameras! I loved the fact that we could watch the photos change automatically. How did you do that? It was also fun watching the time on the clock change with each photo.

  9. Love the “red door” picture. I also like the colors in the contemporary photos you displayed. Love The Handmade Home , thanks for the chance!

  10. I love the variety! How fun…especially since I like to change art out too often to commit to anything expensive.

  11. I think this was meant to be. I love it, and have been experimenting with the same type of thing. However, I haven’t found the perfect mats (was just going to make my own soon)- these are great! My fav piece of art is “The Camera Collector.” And I’ve also had the book “Handmade Walls” on back order for several weeks now! Can’t wait to check it out! 🙂

  12. I love the vintage look of the Red Door. Love the idea of changing out prints to give a fresh look. Simple but enough to make an impact.

  13. Choosing is tough. Red Door, Camera Collector, Colored Mountain…. I’m anxious to see what else these books contain! Athough I consider my style more traditional, it looks like there are things in each of the books that inspire me!

  14. I think my favorite (if I MUST choose, LOL!) is the contemporary “Field No. 3” by Sarah B. Martinez… I just love the colors in that one and it REALLY IS amazing hos the different art changes up the whole look of the grouping! what a coincidence that you are posting this now… i have been coveting these books for awhile, and purchasing just isn’t in the budget right now… it JUST dawned on me yesterday to look in my local library catalog, and they had 2 of the 4!!!!! they are requested now, and will be in my hot little hands SOON!!! not the same as owning them, but at least I can look… and NOW, here is a chance to actually OWN ALL 4 of them… amazing!!! good luck everyone!

  15. LOVE the frame that you used. I bought it last month and reframed a picture of my Anna Belle for my new gallery wall! I’m a recent fan of The Handmade Home – LOVE what they do! LIfe to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  16. Hi Laura
    I have a question for you. I ordered the Art for the Traditional Home and it just came in the mail. I ordered this one because of the Red Door and The Camera Collection pictures. Are the books different? The one that I got does not have those pictures in it. It’s no bid deal because I like other pictures in the book but was wondering if maybe those pictures were in a different book. Thank You.

  17. I like the idea of interchangeable art- sometimes it good to switch things up bit! My favorite, if I have to choose (I like them all), is the RED DOOR.