Summer Mantel 2012

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Who’s ready for summer?

I know I am!  My kids only have seven more school days and I am counting down just as much as them!

So as the lazy days of summer get closer, I thought I would bring a little summer cheer into our home and I update our mantel.


Obviously the main thing here is the flag.  I know this will officially make me a dork, but I came up with this idea last fall while I was in the shower.

Seems to be where I do a lot thinking these days.

I had picked up the bats at an auction for a client and they ended up not being used.  I thought this was a great idea to marry our summer loves – baseball (okay really my kids and hubby love baseball, I go along for the ride) and the beach.  We all love the beach.  And our American Pride – something we can all agree on.


I will do a tutorial later this week on the flag – but lets just say it involved some rather dangerous stuff that I was super thankful to have my hubby do for me.  Like I said I had the idea for a bit, but figuring out how to do it was the challenge.  I slowly began introducing the ideas to him and then a few weeks ago he said “let’s go”.

– Update – Tutorial can be found here


I found the star basket at Pier 1 for $10.


I kept the same willow vase with dried pussy willows in it from my spring mantel.


I had the milk bottle and the starfish I placed in the tops.  Amazingly the day before I pulled it together, I found the large starfish at a yard sale.


The text on the bats make me so happy and I was thankful that hubby cut them so that they faced out.


I found the shell balls at The Christmas Tree Shop.


How about you – are you ready for summer to start– or maybe you lucky enough to already be in the full swing?


If you visit here you can find other inspiring projects for summer as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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57 thoughts on “Summer Mantel 2012”


  1. Love it – two of our faves, too!!! Do you think I can convince your hubby to make me one? Better yet – sell some at your sale!!! THey would be a hit with all the Cape Cod Baseball League Fans!!!

  2. What a stunning design! Beautiful! I can’t believe that you thought of this, I’m sure it’ll be copied all over blogland. Thanks for the gorgeous post, Sally x

  3. I love the summer mantel, especially the shell balls. They are super cute. Also, I’m ready for summer and a little jealous of your kids. I’m sitting in my classroom right now looking at the countdown on my board and we have 8 days of classes and then 5 days of exams. Hopefully it’ll fly.

  4. That flag is absolutely stunning! I am looking forward to your tutorial, but if you ever decided to sell some I’d be thrilled to snap one up! Beautiful mantel from start to finish! 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh ~ I love this Laura! You are so creative!! This is going to be everywhere on Pinterest ~ I think I need to use my shower time more creatively:)

  6. That flag is officially a home run. Seriously, I don’t love baseball but I love this. The whole mantel looks great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Super beautiful! I had to show my husband your flag and he thought it was so cool– which for him, is high praise. I’m slowly working on my summer mantel and will be using yours as inspiration. Thanks!

  8. That baseball flag is to die for! Seriously. Give your husband lots and lots of hugs and kisses for an amazing job! Oh, and you get some serious props for the vision.



    Oh, and I’m pinning because it needs to be shared across the blogosphere …

  9. What a clever idea and I love that you thought of it in the shower! Haha, a fine thinker like me! I’m a new follower, discovered you from Funky Junk.

  10. I am absolutely in love with this mantel…great job!! I do have one suggestion though…replace the pussywillows with some beach grass. Even though the pussywillows match in color, to me they speak “spring”. The beach grass would tie in the theme and would add a little pop of color.
    Just a thought…it really looks wonderful just the way it is. I will definitely be pinning that flag!!

  11. Can I buy your flag?! Please let me know if you ever make more, or are willing to sell yours! It’s perfection!

  12. This is so incredibly awesome! I love the starfish in the flag and then the other detail with the bats … just so awesome!! It’s so fun to be featured with you over at Layla’s, what a wonderful party idea. 🙂
    Karah @

  13. Love your creation. I can only see the picture on the tutorial, is there something else I should be doing?

  14. Love your mantel idea. Very creative. It was so great meeting you at Haven and thanks for letting me join you for dinner Friday night!

  15. This is pretty dang cool. The cutting does sound a bit tricky. Glad you had some help. But this is so creative and beautiful and all your mantel decorations are so pretty. Love the shell balls. I haven’t seen those before. Seems like an easily doable idea. Thanks for sharing. You did a beautiful job!

  16. Your mantel looks betuuifal! I love all the textures and colors. I have that Pier One star and use it at Christmas time but I love the idea of using it in the summer! Great job!

  17. Hi Laura!

    I really love this mantel. I love beachy things, and I also love how it’s uniquely tied to the American theme of the Fourth of July and that beloved summer pastime of baseball. Very creative and nicely done 🙂

    Hope all is well, and that you are enjoying your summer! Summer school is done, so I get a bit of a break; time to catch up on your past posts!

    adb in DC