Stenciled Barnwood Spring Mantel

The sun is finally shining and it feels so good.  So I felt it was time to make the inside match the outside and put together a spring mantel.


Actually, the whole family room needed a few spring touches, a little brightness.


When I picked up the flowers for the mantel, the yellow ones seemed to be the healthiest so that is what I bought.  But once I put them up there, I realized how much I was loving the addition of yellow, a color I rarely use.  And so I brought in a few pops of yellow in some pillows…


   And some flowers in jars.  There is just something about the mix of yellow with my regular blues and greens that makes it feels so fresh, and well, spring-like.


I am always so amazed how a new season is such a marker for the passing of time.  How we start thinking about where we were at this time last year.


I have always said that Fall was my favorite season, and when fall comes around again this year I will probably say that again.

But this year, spring feels a little more special.  A little bit more of a gift, a little bit more of a blessing.


A chance to clean out the cobwebs in our homes and our minds and look forward to what is to come.

We had a few days this week of really yummy weather, peepers and all.  And now there is rain and cooler weather back in the forecast.


    And I am okay with that.

For now.

Just a taste of the windows open and a few bright spots of green on the lawn.


 Because a few days is enough of an assurance that spring really is coming and summer won’t be far behind!


Wishing you a day filled with pretty blues, greens and YELLOW.

The tutorial for how I made the stenciled barnwood can be found here.

Thanks so much for reading!


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25 thoughts on “Stenciled Barnwood Spring Mantel”


  1. Now that is a very cool stencil! Reminds me the Spirograph pictures I used to make as a little girl!

    LOVE it, thanks for sharing,

  2. Love your Spring mantel, Laura! The stenciled barn wood is lovely…Is it lace? We had a few days of gorgeous weather, but the rain moved in as well. Snow by the weekend. I love NY. Wishing you a day filled with lavender. 🙂

  3. I love your Spring mantel and all the pops of yellow. I kind of have a pillow obsession and love how just by changing them can change the feel of a room. Where do you find all of your pretty pillows? Looking forward to seeing how you made the stenciled barn wood. It is stunning. Halalua Sring is finally here!

  4. Love your Spring mantel and all the pops of yellow. I kind of have a pillow obsession and love how by just changing a few can change the whole feel of a room. Where do you find all of your pretty pillows? The stenciled barn wood is stunning and I’m looking forward to seeing how you made it.
    Enjoy the weather to come. I think Spring is finally here in PA!

  5. Beautiful room & colors!!! Did you make the stenciled barnwood? It’s gorgeous — really a special piece! Have a great day, Laura!

  6. Laura,
    Your spring yellow pops. I see my daffodils and tulips growing and how much my mom loved this time of year. She was an avid gardener and said when the flowers come up in the spring winter has lost its hold. This is the season for looking forward with anticipation for what will come and with a little help making it happen.

  7. Oh I just love your mantel and the pops of yellow. We had some beautiful weather to but now cold and rain but that’s ok:) April showers will bring May flowers. Love the barnwood stencil and that basket to:) Have a wonderful day!!!

  8. This is just beautiful!! I love the whole mantel and the sentiment that spring is a little more of gift than usual this year. Cannot wait to see how you did the stenciled barn wood because I just love it!

  9. This is such a lovely room and the barn wood piece looks wonderful on your mantel! Can’t wait to see how you did this!

    Happy Spring!


  10. Laura, I love the barn wood with the lacy stencil on it! What a terrific backdrop for your mantel. I also love the pops of yellow and aqua in the room and the fishing creel with flowers in it. It looks beautiful! I drove past the Hartt Boot and Shoe Company today and even though it is now apartments it is looking rather shabby. It’s too bad. Have a great day! Pamela

  11. Laura…your mantel is gorgeous as always…you always do the most beautiful and creative things…you made something that was once raw and rustic and transformed it to an elegant work of art!…Just love it!…and the Spring changes shout happy all through the room!…and by the way, did you see the magic Kristi worked on my blog design?

  12. Laura, it looks great! I have been adding more yellow around the house too…and I’ve NEVER been a “yellow” person. It just seems so fresh!