Sorting & Organizing Craft Supplies


Hello all, stopping in quickly on a Saturday!

I have had a few requests to give the list of the categories that I went about organizing craft supplies in our craft room.


  So, here you go…

Picture Hanging

Jewelry Tools

Christmas Stuff

Gift Toppers

Tape Measures


Washi Tape


Small Bags

Specialty Adhesives

Wire & Chain


Painter Tape / Duct Tape

Jewelry Supplies

Letter Punches

Beads, Mirror, Glitter

Glitter (2) – Yes, I have a lot of glitter

Foam Brushes

Chalk Markers


Dry Erasers / Highlighters


Colored Pencils


Candle Making

Pom Pom Maker

Painter Brushes



Tube Paints

Glue Glitters

Soap Making

Glue Sticks

Glue Guns


Mod Podge

Punches (2)

Yarn / Embroidery Thread


So, there you go – happy organizing!

To see what I have since decided to take our of the cabinet and store on my desk – see our post on craft table organization tips.

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9 thoughts on “Sorting & Organizing Craft Supplies”


  1. Very timely post for me as next month I will be organizing my art studio /craft/sewing space! I never know how to label and group stuff. Thanks!

  2. Love this and am working on complete organization. How do you store all your papers? (Ex. Scrapbook, construction, notepads, etc?)

  3. I like how you used the same line of containers – just in different sizes – on your shelves in your article: SORTING & ORGANIZING CRAFT SUPPLIES
    01/11/2014 BY: FINDING HOME. What brand or line of plastic containers are they? It makes the shelves look so neat the way they stack up evenly regardless of the fact that they are simple plastic totes. They look like convenient sizes as well.

  4. Hello-great post and thanks for sharing the info. I have been looking everywhere for totes like you used in your craft cabinet. Could I ask where you found those?
    Thank you!