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Today I want to share with some simple Christmas front door ideas.  Now, I don’t want you to worry that I have already decorated my front door in November, I am not that crazy.   I actually did it in July!   So, putting aside the sweltering heat I was decorating in, the goal was to share some really simple ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas – regardless of the weather.



It is fairly common to string an evergreen garland around your front door and fill it with lights.  But why not use a beautiful Christmas ribbon?  I used a flannel buffalo check that was about 3” wide.  It was super easy to hang, fairly inexpensive and just a little bit different.


December-2-Beauty shot


To hang the ribbon,  I used Command Brand Light clips.




Cleaning the area first and following the instructions on the package, I hung the clips in the top corners and the bottom corners.  I started on the bottom left with a knot at the bottom to hold it in place.  Then I draped it and hooked the ribbon in each top corner.  I finished by tying another knot at the bottom right and hooking it in place.  Then, I went back in and tucked in a bow at each top corner.  If you would like to know how I made my bow, you can watch my bow making video.




I also used a Command Brand Brushed Nickel Outdoor Hook to hang a premade swag with a ribbon added.  This hook has been on my front door for months – and is still holding strong. I just keep switching it out for the seasons.


December-2-14-Add other decorations


To add a little more to the area, I also used the Command Brand terrace hooks to hang a basket to the side of the door.  Again, following the preparation and hanging instructions on the package, I attached the hook in place to my siding.  I hung one hook at the top to hold the ribbon and a second one at the bottom to hold the basket in place.



After waiting an hour, I hung a fishing basket from the same ribbon.


December-2-11-Hook on Basket


Then, I added another bow at the top and filled the basket with faux greenery.


December-2-12-Attach bow to hook


I brought out my favorite vintage sled and added a few details to the bench.


December-2-Beauty shot


I love this so much, I am pretty sure I am going right back in with same approach. I just love how the ribbon is so simple but brings such nice color and a Christmas feel.

How about you?  How are you planning to decorate your front door for the holidays?

You can find the Command Brand hooks for this project in the following links:


Command Outdoor Light Clips

Command Outdoor Terrace Clips

Command Brand Outdoor Brushed Nickel Hook

Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day!


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  1. Your front entry looks sooooooo pretty Laura I love that ribbon!! I use command strips all the time…I even like using there velcro strips to hang pictures to avoid using nails.

  2. Laura,
    It has to be a challenge to make your entry say Christmas when it is July. You made it happen.
    We have wintery wreaths and three foot tall trees in black urns that go on the porch and a pair of red lanterns with colorful ornaments around flickering (flameless) candles. When The holidays are past the wreaths stay out till spring.

  3. Laura, I have to say this post came at just the right time!! I’ve been thinking about how to decorate our front porch without greenery because it just gets fried after a week or so here in southern California–all brittle and yucky!! I love this ribbon idea–going to try it with some wide burlap ribbon I have, and maybe add a bit of black ribbon to that…anyway thank you for a very timely inspiration!!

  4. This is a perfect front door and I love the buffalo check ribbon! I’ve been wanting to paint our front door black for so long now (ever since the announcement of Kate & Will’s engagement, to be exact, when the British Prime Minister stood in front of No. 10 Downing Street and the most glorious gloss black door I have ever seen!) Anyway…obviously I need to get on that. I’d love for you to link up with our Found & Foraged party- we host Saturday nights so it’s just opened! You can find it at Hope to see you! xo, Laura

  5. Where did you find that ribbon? I have looked desperately at several stores for some and can’t find it anywhere! Also looking for matching fabric. Any advice? Thanks so much!

  6. I like your bow and ribbon spray for your door. I have a wood sign 2 ft. by 12 inches. It says welcome in the middle is very large snow man and at the bottom it says let it snow. The background is blue and it has lights and you turn it on from the battery on the back side. I got it several years ago on clearance. I collect snowmen. Then I made a small red ribbon and put at the top to hide the screw I keep in the center of my front door to hang things on.

    fun time of year to decorate Merry Christmas