Show & Tell Friday 5

So, we are back to our regular Show &Tell Friday, no more fancy Fa La La La Fridays – (coming in a little early today!)

Maybe after yesterday’s post about Photoshop, I will have to make a pretty button like the Fa La La one, so the regular Show & Tell doesn’t feel left out.

So, as I have always done, I am going to tell first…

You people out there are really influential.  As much as I have tried to resist, I have set goals for the new year and I may start organizing some cabinets and closets.

But, as I was working today, working on organizing my business and my life, a word came to mind.


And I realized that last year, many bloggers chose a word for the year.  So it seems without me even meaning to, I have chosen mind, or rather, it has chosen me.



At this time last year my blog was just a baby, learning what is was going to be.  Now that I am entering 2012, I want to be intentional about how I write my blog, how I run my business, how I balance my family and business.

That means have a plan, having a schedule, having goals.

That means intentionally educating myself of photography, graphics, website capabilities, social networking and all the many things involved in trying to improve my blog and my business.

That means being intentional in my relationships with people in my life and and on my blog.

That means making intentional choices because the fact is, we can’t have or do it all.

So, that is my plan, and I hope I can stick to it! When I finish here I am off to start the first step which I will share soon!

So, now on to the “share” part – but first a little business…


I ask that so once it is pinned, it goes to the original source, as you would want with your own work – thanks!

Okay, so here is what I have today…

My first share today is from Oak House 5 as featured on Remodelaholic.


Having just finished my own Tween room for my daughter, I can appreciate the challenge of balancing wanting to be grown but still hold onto childhood.  She did a great job of blending.  I especially love how she allowed her daughter to pick up things at thrifts shops etc. to make sure that her daughter’s own touch was included.  And those ceilings – I can only imagine how high they are!

Still staying in the theme of young people, but from a totally different angle, this dollhouse from Sew Much Ado is absolutely adorable.  The modern touches, clever details and bright colors would make any young child love to play with it.


And since kids seems to be the theme today, I would also like to share this beautiful and colorful nursery shared over at the DIY Showoff.


There is lots more colorful inspiration found at Decorating Obsessed.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and as always, thank you so much for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Show & Tell Friday 5”


  1. Hi Laura! I like your word for 2012 – intentional. I’m inspired by this post to focus more “intentionally” on my priorities, most importantly, my family relationships. I feel very blessed. I also hope to intentionally tackle a few worthwhile projects here at home and intend to work on improving my blog, paying attention to and learning more every day from all the many talented bloggers already out there – – you included, of course! Here’s to a great New Year! You have a wonderful weekend too. 🙂

  2. Love that word-intentional. So true, if we don’t make intentional choices to do something and do it, it usually becomes just a “good intention” and never gets done. At least that’s how it is for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Epiphany. I have a feeling the word “Intentional” will be important for a lot of people this year. It certainly will be for me.

    Take care Laura,

  4. I love the word “intentional”! I think my word is going to be “do”. I haven’t thought much about it but it is what keeps going through my head! I think too much, just need to do!!