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So, things have stalled a bit in our office.  End of school and life changes have kept us pretty busy these days.  But that is okay, this week we are going full steam ahead!

In the meantime, I am still enjoying the one corner of our office we have had a chance to complete.  Our gallery wall is bright and colorful and the sofa is a cozy place to hang out.  And today, I wanted to share our Sharpie Art Coffee Table.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

To start with, I found this table in the “as-is” section of a home decor store.  She was sad and lonely table with no legs.

I quickly scooped her up and knew right away what I would do with her.

Even though she had no legs or feet, and was kind of a funky color – I knew with a little bit of TLC she had a ton of potential.  The goal has always been to turn our loft /office space into a functional family space.  And I knew there was a vintage loveseat waiting to be her new best friend.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

To start with, I added some simple Parson style feet and painted out the whole table in white.  I thought the planks were perfect for adding words.  I chose to use the words to a favorite song my girls and I have always sung together – This Little Light of Mine.

I am a big believer of surrounding yourself with inspiring words, and this song always inspires us.

I printed the words on my computer using Photoshop Elements.  However, it could also be created in Word.  The font that I used was Dawning of a New Day and the font size was 154.  Really, the hardest part is deciding on your words and font style – from there it is quite easy.  A little trial and error will get you to the right size for your project.

Materials:  Print outs of your words, a pair of scissors, a pencil and a Sharpie Paint Pen.  I chose to use the oil base version, although I do know they also come in water base.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

Step 1: Cut down the words into manageable sections and fill in with pencil from the back of the paper.  Use a protective surface underneath to keep your work surface clean.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

Step 2: Place your paper, printed side up in the correct spot and simply trace over the letters with your pencil.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

You will see a faint pencil line where you traced.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

Step 3: Using the pencil line as your guide, trace the markings with your Sharpie Paint Pen.  Take your time but don’t go so slow that the lines become choppy.  The best part, if you make a mistake, you can sand it back, repaint your base color and try again.  Not that I know from experience or anything!

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

Step 4: Continue all the way through until complete. Let it set for about an hour and then use a magic eraser to clean up any pencil lines.  I also went back and filled in and darkened a few spots that needed it.  Then seal with a clear protective coat.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

The best part about this method is that it can be used for just about anything.  You can do this to create wall art,  stenciling on walls and any type of accessory.  If you were to use  a heavier font, you would just trace the outline and then fill in with the paint pen.  You can also do images of any kind.

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen

And just because there are words on the table doesn’t mean it should still be accessorized.  Because doesn’t every coffee table need a vintage orange book, a succulent garden and a ceramic pig?

Tutorial for Creating a Script Coffee Table with a Sharpie Paint Pen And now the loveseat and coffee table are very happy together.  They are living together with my new gallery wall with my Printer’s Box Word Art, yardstick arrow and easy watercolor art.  You can visit here to see my tips on how to hang just about anything.Home-Office-Gallery-2

One corner of our office / craft /family space is done – and way more to go!


Next up – desks for Hubby and I made from old doors, modern legs and glass!

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Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love this table and I’m looking forward to seeing how you make the desk for your husband. I have two old doors sitting in our garage waiting for me to transform them into something fabulous. I have to tell you I’m very excited that you are doing another sale with Joss & Main. I can’t wait to see what you picked for the sale. I’m like a kid at Christmas.

  2. Laura, this is absolutely fabulous! It turned out beautifully and thanks so much for sharing the how-to with us. What a great idea! Pinning and have a wonderful week!

  3. I just love this idea and there you have shown yet another way to transfer type. Great project all around. I just found a little table curbside that I want to do something cute to. This is a fun and inspirational redo! Your room just gets better and better!

  4. What an incredibly clever idea. Love the table. Where do you keep getting these wonderful ideas? The entire area is stunning.

  5. LOVE this idea! This is so much fun! Thanks so much for totally inspiring me today…..and counting the minutes until your Joss and Main sale!

    Happy day!

  6. Howdy, my name is Jen and among other things I am the DIY editor at BlogHer and am featuring your rad table tonight. The funny thing is I pinned a picture of your living room earlier today because I am obsessed with your couch. LOVE the whole room!

  7. LOVE this idea! I to am a fan of surrounding my family with encouraging words! I have a sign in our bedroom that says “Journey – the bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you refuse to take the turn” I just read your “Journey” post, and so I thought I would share these words here! Life to the full! Melissa

  8. This might be one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen, and what makes it even better is that you don’t need to be an artist to do it! I love handwriting anyway – so sad that they are phasing out cursive writing in schools. It really will be a lost art some day and that table may become very valuable.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I featured your wonderful project on homework. Thanks so much for sharing it on The Inspiration Board. Have a great weekend!

    homework &

  10. Note to self: Do Not Read Coffee Table or you will randomly start singing “This little light of mine…”
    lol I love your table, and was extremely impressed with your hand writing skills (and slightly jealous) until I read that you used a computer for the lettering. I then breathed a little sigh of relief in knowing that I’m not the only one who’s handwriting could use some improvement before I freehand something on a piece of furniture.
    So thank you for the reassurance and the great song…
    I’m off to sing this little light of mine while I weed the garden. 😉