The Secret to Getting Your House Clean

Catchy title right?

But I have finally figured out the secret to getting your house clean.


When the do lists are long…

When the laundry piles are high…

When the outdoors are still sleeping from the long winter…

The best way to get it all done and the list checked off is…


To throw a party.

Seriously, there is nothing more powerful, than a deadline of having a party.  The to-do lists become laser focused and there is great contentment with each item you cross off.  The shopping trips become super efficient because you are focused on what needs to be done to be ready.

A few weeks ago, we threw a party.  It was for my daughter and her friends, but we also invited the families of her friends as well.  They were having their 8th grade formal dinner dance and we invited everyone here for pictures before, parents to stay for dinner during and then swimming after.

Of course, I have to show a picture (or two) of my sweet girl all fancy for her first dance.




It was a great night.

But the best part was not that our home was clean and organized or that the to-do lists were smaller – although that did feel very good.  The best part was that we opened up our homes.  We didn’t keep putting it off, we invited everyone in.

When we look back, we are not going to remember the to-do lists and the piles of laundry.  We are going to remember when our family and friends gathered in our homes. 


And truth be told, the to-do list was not finished.  There were piles thrown in corners.  Our bedroom door was certainly closed.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be completely “done” to let people in. .

So, what do you think?  Should you look at your calendar and pick a date to invite people in?  Or better yet, do a quick clean up and invite everyone in tonight!  Don’t get caught up in wanting it to be perfect or done.  There is no shame in closing a few doors!

Thanks so much for reading.


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28 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting Your House Clean”


  1. Who cares about the lists and the projects? I mean really, what’s important is you spent time with your family & friends! Your daughter is adorable! And that dress….

  2. First, your daughter looks so pretty! Next, this is SO true Laura. That is indeed a perfect motivator when everything piles up. The Hubs and I joke about that as well – our home never looks better than when we are having people over! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I remember term papers– yep last minute and I got them done. I am so much better about not procrastinating. Having a dinner or guests forces you to “get the lead out” and take action. You and your daughter make a beautiful team. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. Very sage advice. We just threw a birthday party for my 2 year old. Our bedroom door was closed too – but there were lots of thigs that got done – even some of the windows got washed as the light faded two nights before the party (and they hadn’t been done since the pest guy sprayed the house back in March!!!). With another party on the horizon in a little while, I’m thinking we might just have to have a few friends over for dinner in the mean time to help keep it somewhat tidy! 😉

  5. I totally agree, nothing like company to get you in gear. 🙂 We just did that last weekend. Friends came from out of town. I can’t believe she is entering high school! Gosh, kids grow up so fast! I keep telling mine to slow down. I love the pics of you and her and the one of her in front of the fireplace.

  6. So true! Once In awhile, when I’m cleaning just because it needs done, my girls ask, ” are we having people over?” Ha! Seems to them that’s the only time the work gets done! We have had guests over already this summer, so right now :), the house is cleanish. Anyways, the two of you look beautiful! Wishing you a happy summer!!

  7. We’re actually trying to sell our house in town, and buy a house out in the boonies, so it’s pretty darn clean right now! LOL Every 10 years or so, a person should either have a major event at their house, or MOVE, to get it really, really clean! 🙂 Last summer we hosted my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and majorly cleaned for that one, and this year, selling. So far, this plan is working for me, but if you have panic attacks, I wouldn’t recommend it! LOL

  8. Ha!!..after reading this title I was getting set for an incredible cleaning product that you found…and you are so right…have a party and you get things done!…That is how we roll around here…gets things in motion!…I so love the photos of your daughter in her beautiful dress…and heart the photo of you two together…The pretty “apple of your eye” does not fall far from the “beautiful tree”…Have a great weekend..

  9. Dang it Laura, you tricked me… I thought you were going to reveal the secret sought by women for centuries!!! but no – just the only motivation I have ever had for getting the whole house cleaned at once!!! LOL! your house looks great, and your daughter looks beautiful, what a gorgeous dress!! have fun!

  10. SO true! Your daughter looks BEAUTIFUL – that blue dress is stunning on her! Great job proud mama!!

  11. You and your daughter are so adorable! Love her pretty blue sparkle dress and pretty hairdo! So cute! Fun memories!

  12. Laura I couldn’t agree more. It’s pure motivation to get it done and although a bit exhausting it’s so worht it!! I’ve been trying hard to get my husband more open to having friends over more often but he likes the quiet. It’s a give and take. You and your daughter look marvelous.

  13. Great post. That’s exactly the way I do it. Your daughter is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. A woman after my own heart you are. I’ll follow you I didn’t notice an option but I’ll go back and check it out!

  14. Ha, ha, ha!
    The best thing about a clean house and a party is… am I the only one who gets more done in the first 10 minutes of a party (because guests never arrive on time) than any other time?

  15. Laura, I think you got it! My house is never so clean as when we have people over. Just last night my husband’s grandparents came over as babysitters and I hustled my buns to get the house even halfway presentable. Fun post!

  16. You’re so funny. I thought you were going to do the normal pick up a little everyday, wipe stuff down, etc. Throwing a party…or even having any guest over is the best way to get motivated to clean your house. I would love it if you linked this up to my Motivate Me Monday linky party on IT’S A ginger SNAP.

  17. Your daughter is gorgeous!! I love the color of her dress!! Yes – sooooo true – we threw a party 2 weeks ago and wow what we accomplished around the house! lol!! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday link party! ~ Heather

  18. A lick and a promise will usually do for most of us most of the time. Closed doors are a great friend for a hostess too. Planned company is a motivation for me to clean! Have an enjoyable weekend.

  19. Your daughter looks so lovely ! So many memories she will have knowing Mom went the extra mile to make that day so special for her friends and family. Thank you for sharing.

  20. You are spot on! But my question comes from a whole different subject. Do you know the paint color of the shutters around your windows? It’s perfect! We’re contemplating offering on a house right now and that’s one thing I’d like to update is the exterior trim. We’re so excited!