Screened Porch Progress

So, with the exception of a few details, our screened porch is complete.

At least as far as construction goes.

I still have lots of work and fun ahead of me to pull it together.

I have wanted a screened porch forever, and I feel so very fortunate that we were able to do this.

I think, based on this picture…

Our family will use this a ton.

Both of my girls have been reading in here non-stop.

Does it get any better than that?

The first step was to get this fabulous vintage porch furniture into usable shape.

Vintage outdoor furniture

I found these treasures at a local shop.  At first I thought they just had the sofa and I was excited with how large it was.  Then he pointed out the chairs and tables and I knew it was perfect.

At first glance, it looks fine, and I really loved the orange color.  However, upon closer inspection, this is what it looked like.

It was really, really dirty, there were chunks out of it and the paint was bubbled, almost like a snake skin pattern.

So, first, I power washed it all and then I broke out my handy dandy Dremmel Multimax and got to work.

Refinishing vintage outdoor furnitureAnd then I coated it with two coats of Apple Red Spray paint from Rustoleum.

Refinishing vintage outdoor furniture

I tried a different approach this time.  I turned it upside down first, did two coats for all of the underside, then after drying, turned it back over and did the top side.  That way, the only thing that was touching the ground after painting was the bottom of the feet.  Maybe that is the way you have all always done it, but I just figured that one out!

Colorful Screened PorchSo, there is still lots to do out here, but the goal is a mixture of vintage and rustic with lots of color – I am hoping it will be an inviting and fun space.

Here is a peak of the very beginning of getting some stuff out there…

Colorful Screened Porch, Barn beamsThanks to all of you who voted on my ceiling color choice.  As you can see, I went all white and made the beams the star.  I am very happy with the choice.

And yes, my daughter was still reading while I took pictures.  I saw no need to move her.

Next up, using the wood we purchased on Saturday at an old saw mill to make a large table.

I will be sharing at some of the parties on my “Parties I Attend” tab, so please stop by!

Hope all is well with all of you and you are enjoying your summer.  I seem to be posting in spurts and then quiet for a bit, just going with the ebb and flow of the summer I guess.

Thanks for reading!

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21 thoughts on “Screened Porch Progress”


  1. Hi! I love your screened porch and your chairs and little sofa are perfect for this area! I love porches, screened in and otherwise. I know you will have a wonderful time in this area, making it family oriented and peaceful for relaxing. We have a porch and have the best time there….love visiting with loved ones, drinking ice tea, reading…listening to our favorite music. All of it is wonderful!

  2. This turned out beautiful!! I love the color and I have to say that we had furniture very similar to yours in our screened in porch! 🙂 I LOVE the beam, just gorgeous! You have made a perfect place to enjoy the day and each other.

  3. LOVE the fabric! I’m going to go look around….your porch project is looking awesome and I love that reading is done there! Where did you find your fabric?
    Hugs from Iowa,
    Michelle at Pine Needle Hill

  4. Hi I rarely comment on projects but I absolutely LOVE this redo! The combo of the red and the turquoise is to die for!!! You did an amazing job and I would shamelessly copy you if I had a vintage set to redo! 🙂

  5. I love your porch!

    Please share it with my girls over at my Sundae Shake Up link party! I’m sure they would love it, since my blog is a 1950’s vintage theme!


    Jacque @ Jacque’s Soda Parlor

  6. What an amaaaazing porch, Laura! I wouldn’t want to leave that beautiful spot, either! lol! I’ve been trying to talk my hubby into building one for me since our deck is soooo stinkin’ hot all day! Would you be willing to let me in on how much you spent on yours? How big is it? Thanks so much, sweetie! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  7. This is gorgeous. I love how it turned out. I re-did an almost identical set earlier this year. I chose apple green. (Its on my blog if you care to see.) I didn’t even think of red. Great choice!