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Welcome to the holiday edition of 10 minute decorating ideas!  Today I am sharing my fabulous faux fur garland.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the picture I shared of Peanut’s dress and jacket for my sister’s wedding.   We found the most adorable jacket ever in the most beautiful faux fur you ever did see.  I am kind of obsessed with it and I keep “visiting it”.

Before I knew what happened I was in the fabric store cutting line with a bolt of fur fabric in hand.  When it was my turn,  the young man working the counter asked, as he was cutting it, what I was going to do with it.  Umm, I had no idea.   I lamely said maybe a table runner…errr.   He continued by asking if I needed any needle or thread.   To which I replied by explaining that I was really more of a “no-sew” crafter.

Cue the laughter from all of the real crafters and sewers in line.  Really, they laughed out loud, especially the other woman working the counter.   Pure embarrassment.




So, hopefully I am redeeming myself with my garland idea.  After I got it home, it taunted me lying in a heap on the dining room table.  And it case you are wondering, it would be ridiculous on a dining table (it may however grace my coffee table in the living room!).




And of course, in true “10 Minute Decorating” style, it could not be easier.  So, I bought 2 yards – a last minute choice during my moments of embarrassment.  But you really don’t need much.

Simply start with your fabric and a nice sharp set of scissors.




Just cut strips on the longest side of your fabric.  In total, I ended up using about seven strips.




Simply run them through the branches on your tree.  When you come to an end, tuck in your end and match up with the end of a new piece and keep going until your complete.  Truly, ten minutes top!




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Thanks so much for reading!


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11 thoughts on “Quick & Easy 10 Minute Decorating – Fur Garland”


  1. I know two little girls that will love this idea! They help decorate a tree in Gram’s guest room each year and we just might incorporate your idea! Thanks for all of your wonderful sharing.

  2. Love this idea! The tree looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to see a shot of the entire tree. I hope you will include a pic of the entire tree in one of your posts. Thanks of sharing such a fun idea!

  3. Laura,I LOVE it! I am going to the fabric store to get some. By the way don’t be embarrassed, every time I go to have fabric cut they all laugh at me too! Oh well, I’am glad I make their day! lol.

  4. Brilliant! I really love your idea as fabric isn’t just for sewing (there that’s for all those who laughed at you). It’s so pretty. I can’t wait to see the entire tree.