Planning a Bedroom Design & the One That Got Away

Give or take – but this is what my room looked like up until 1:00 on Friday afternoon.

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That is, until I saw this bed at Homegoods.


And it completely changed how I thought about our bedroom design.

And this was not just any bed – this was a really pretty wood, with cane details, king size bed.

And it was only $600.

I would have bought it on the spot, but we have been trying to figure out for months if we could fit a king size bed in our room or not.

The lesson here – buy the bed first, figure out if it will fit later.  If it doesn’t fit – return it.

Through a whole drawn out, seemingly very dramatic at the time, series of events – including phone calls to see if I could buy it over the phone – when I went back – it was gone.

Bought an hour earlier and already loaded up and gone.

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So now that I have shared my life long lesson of buying it first – I will share what the good was that came out of it.

We moved into this house 14 years ago and I put the bed where it is – and that is where it has stayed.

I, who have moved and tried every piece of furniture in every place under the sun, have never moved my bed accept to replace the carpet.

I have friends who have moved a sofa around multiple times to multiple rooms – “just to see what it looks like.”  Oh, “I don’t like it.  Can you move it back now?”

I have many times considered switching it to the window wall but was always concerned about the draftiness in the winter.

On a side note, our mattress is shot so we have been in the market for a new mattress.  We both wanted to upgrade to a king and knew our frame was on its last legs.  Truth – years ago, it fell apart when our children were playing on it – it is currently held together underneath with a chain.

Nothing but high class around these parts.

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Back to Friday afternoon,  when I came home in a flurry, measurements in hand, to see if there was a way to make it fit – Hubby came in and suggested we switch it with the dresser.


World. Rocked.

I had never even considered that.

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Since Hubby was in the middle of a major construction project in the yard, I could not ask his help – but I knew immediately, I needed to move the furniture to see if I liked the layout.

Never underestimate the strength of a woman wanting to move furniture.

It is all in the legs people.

 Finding Home master 5

The result – no gorgeous $600 bed – but I absolutely love the layout.  The flow is better, the overall bedroom design is better and it just makes more sense.

Something about our bedroom I just have never fully liked.  Now, with a new layout, I am setting out to redo our bedroom.  And it will include a king bed – woo hoo!

So, here is the plan:


– The dresser and bed will stay switched.

– The bench will go at the end of the bed.

– The ceiling fan will be replaced with a chandelier and we will add sconces next to the bed.

– I am shopping for a new bed.  This will be our forever bed, so I am really hoping for a full wood bed.  I also would prefer it to be made in the US.  I have narrowed it down to a few choices and I am going next week to a furniture store locally that carries all wood, made in the US furniture to see what their options are.  It will be a king bed and my first choice will be a painted black finish.  However, if getting the right lines and style, that is made in the US and is all wood, means going to a stained finish, I will make that work.  Style wise, I am considered a four poster, maybe even with a canopy.  However, what I am really looking for is something that has a lot of presence in the room and with a higher headboard.  Preferably it will not be held together with a chain.

If I had gotten the bed at Homegoods, the plan had been to paint it black.  At $600, that is easier to justify in my head.  Another lesson – at lower prices, a little DIY enhancement might be just the ticket to make it work.

– The dresser and armoire will stay.

– I am hoping that the nightstands will still work – but they will probably be painted.

– The chair will go.  I was planning on reupholstering it, but it is just too big for the room.  I do love having a chair so I am hoping to find another option of smaller scale.

– Not for a few months – but the plan will be to add board and batten up the walls – probably about 2/3 of the way up.  The paneling will be the same off white color as the trim, and then above the molding I will just do a creamier color – keeping it very neutral.

– The ceiling will stay the soft pretty blue.

– I would love to add hardwood, but the rug will stay.

– Style wise, I am hoping to create a modern farmhouse look.  Neutral beiges and whites with black – and then a color pop – most likely a pear green.

– For bedding, I am looking for a simple ticking stripe.  I prefer a comforter, comfort wise, but will do a duvet if that is what I find easier.

So, that is the plan.  In the meantime, the new bedroom design is working so much better – and I will wait to find “our forever bed”.

If you would like to follow along, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all of the antics and updates.

So, what do you think?  Do you have any suggestions I never thought of to rock my world again!?

Wishing you a great day and thanks for reading.

postsignature.pngP.S. After writing this post, I am very aware of how thankful I am to share this craziness that happens in my head.  These events did not likely occur because I am a blogger – it is just how I work.  But, I am so glad that you all come here to let me share this silliness.  I am aware that new beds are not what important – but creating a home environment that my family, and I, love is important to me.  So, simply, thank you.

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35 thoughts on “Planning a Bedroom Design & the One That Got Away”


  1. Laua, I can’t wait to see what the new layout will look like. I can very much appreciate your preference for a made in the USA bed. The Mister and I feel strongly about these types of things, too. Love your blog!

  2. Well, first of all, Laura, I LOVE your bedroom furniture right now. The aqua bed and white dresser and armoire are beautiful and add to the cottage feel of the room. I can see the new arrangement working better for you and will be interested to see how it looks when you change the colours in the decor and bed and make a farmhouse feel to the room. It’s a shame you missed out on that king bed frame but it got you thinking on floor design that will make a make a really nice change for you. Have a great week!

  3. Laura cant wait to see it when it,s done, I also have a bed with presence in my room, I love it and being we just build your forever home the walls are yet to be painted, don,t want to make a mistake so taking my time.Also lighting on the wall,s is what i want, Cant, find a bed cover i like yet and with Booker my goldendoodle who like to jump in bed in the morning to say hi it will have to be durable.I have made a list of things to get done around the house this year so working on the bedrm will be done before spring. I really cant, wait to get outside to rework my red door along with the ole tubs i found this last year. Will be watching to see what you come up with.Good luck but most of all have fun.

    Ps. When people go to see my room they take a step back and follow with wow so i know the bed is the wow facter in my room.

  4. Hi Laura, Sorry you missed out on that bed but another deal will come along! I love that you want a black bed frame. That’s what I have in my master bedroom and it does make a statement. Sets the tone for the whole room. I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes in the future.

  5. I love your bed color right now! We have lived in our house almost 14 yrs. Our bed has not moved once. I have wanted to change it all too, but two walls have 2 windows each and one wall has a ginormous radiator and the door to the bathroom and the 4th wall has the door to the room and the closet door. Plus our armoire (sp) has our ginormous TV on top that took 3 of us to even get it up there to begin with. Sorry, more then you wanted to know, but I was on a roll, ha,ha! I have wanted to paint our headboard black, but I’m not one that paints furniture so it hasn’t gotten done yet. Then this last few weeks we found a place that has some lovely beds that can be painted or stained for a great price. So that may be in our future soon! I would love your chair, it looks so comfy! Have fun!

  6. Add me to the list of loving your room right now. But I do understand the need for a change. You are right.. it is all in the legs. LOL I used to move my bedroom furniture around a lot when I was living in my apartment many years ago. Our furniture hasn’t moved since we moved in here 9 years ago. The furniture we have now is even heavier than what I used to have. I was peeking through your instagram acct. (I don’t have one). I too love that your girl is back in piano lessons. My daughter is too. At first, she was excited that we found a teacher (back in Sept). Now, she isn’t enjoying it so much. I need to drag her to the music store and see if they have anything she likes at her playing level. Maybe that will help.

  7. Have a four poster black queen size Ethan Allen bed and still love it after 15 years. Included are the additional black wood slats that easily allow the bed to be converted to a canopy. Moved three times since the bed was purchased and have enjoy every rendition of decorating this great American-made piece.. Not sure if they still make this bed but if they do please check it out. If you can afford it well worth the $$$$. I think they titled the bed with the word Country in the name but please trust me when I say the bed fits well with my very eclectic style.. Must say that your bedroom is wonderful and inviting as it is now. Love your posts!

  8. Let first start by saying your bedroom is lovely as is! I do like the new layout though. I like the direction your new vision is going. I’m sorry the bed as gone but I know exactly how you feel; this same thing has happened to me so many times. My husband and I just recently bought a new iron bed for our bedroom and this Spring I to am embarking on a master bedroom redo which will consist of the dreaded removal of wallpaper, new paint, hardwood floors and new bedside tables. Besides the bed, I’ve bought two new area rugs and some new art work for the walls. I will be anxious to see your new room. Your ideas are always inspiring. Good luck.

  9. Great plans! I’m just about to get started on a bedroom redo as well, and I have dreams of fabulous wallpaper-we shall see. I look forward to seeing yours come together!

  10. Love he new ideas – BYW have you tried sliders under your bed and furniture? My daughter swears by them cuz she is forever changing her furniture around. I never know what to expect when I go over there 🙂 I also want a king bed – my daughter says BUY it! But I don’t know if it’ll fit in our bedroom. It has a crazy shape and windows. I like your idea of just to get it and then make it fit.

  11. I love your room but I understand the need for change. I’m always moving furniture around. My parents always tease me when they come. to visit. They never know what to expect.
    Sorry you missed out on the Home Goods bed. I have done that before. There was an old doctors table at a local shop that I wanted(it was on the front porch and they were closed) I went home to measure and was there first thing the next morning. It was gone. I actually cried. My husband thought I was crazy. Lesson learned.
    Can’t wait to see the finished room. Inspiring as always.

  12. We have lived here for 19 years and most of the furniture placement is the same although a few pieces have been changed. Plan to move this year but I am saving up ideas for oour next place. I love your room and the colors. You have a great blog.

  13. Hi Laura, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left something behind at a store only to go back and find out that it was gone! My husband actually bought me a sign that says “should have bought it when I saw it”. Glad to know I”m not alone! I love the new layout and plans for the room. Your ideas and designs are always tops!


  15. I love your bedroom. I will say that it makes this So. CA. girl VERY nervous to see anything heavy above a bed or a bed under a window! YIKES! Here in earthquake country it’s a no-no!! I guess it’s not something you have to worry about:)

  16. I’m impressed with how well you plan ahead for changing up your bedroom. I just finished “freshening up” our bedroom. Reading your post made me chuckle because our bed hasn’t moved in 17 years. We also have a wall of windows (which I don’t like) and I was thinking of moving the bed in front of them, but after my little changes, it’s still in the same place. Oh well…anxious to see how your bedroom turns out.
    Mary Alice

  17. I am so very sorry you missed out on the bed. I know the angst that can arise. Whenever I miss out, it is a whole “sssssstttteeeeetellllllaaaaaa” (stella) moment. Dramatic, maybe just a little bit. 🙂

    You channeled your disappointment it into a much more constructive way than I do. (mopeing, sighing pouting)

  18. Hi Laura,
    I cant wait to see what type of bed you choose. Recently, we bought a new king bed and mattress. I fell in love with the look of upholstered beds and went with a beautiful gray fabric upholstered bed with brushed nickel nail heads. I just love the look! I have found that almost anything goes with gray.
    I have a black iron Wesley Allen bed in a guest room that I believe was made in the USA but the majority of wood furniture is no longer made in the USA with the exception of a few furniture lines such as Bob Timberlake or Amish made. Sometimes furniture will be assembled in the USA but not truly 100% made here.
    I feel your pain on missing out on the HOMEGOODS bed. Been there done that! I didn’t pull the trigger on a rug that I recently saw at HOMEGOODS and when I came back the next day it was too late.

  19. I love your plans! Isn’t it funny how one idea can snowball into a whole room change? I have had the same thing happen many times where I went back and the piece was gone. Or I have started a china collection from an outlet store and then the pattern was discontinued before I finished buying all the pieces! Not fun. I can’t wait to watch your progress of this room!

  20. I changed around the furniture in our living room and it looks completely different now. We have an extra big sofa and loveseat so I kept them in the same layout for years. Instead, I removed one chair from the room and was then able to do a little rearranging with the big pieces. (I really love it now.)

    Looking forward to seeing your bedroom updates!

  21. Oh my gosh, I totally would have bought that bed and painted it white! I am redoing my bedroom, downsizing to a queen bed, you would have loved the set I sold! I have been scouring Craiglist for the perfect headboard, I don’t want the whole set up just the headboard and haven’t found what I’m looking for but this would have worked! Your room sounds lovely, can’t wait to see if finished! And by the way, I just pinned the perfect green chair,

  22. We just moved my daughter’s bed to another wall and it made all the difference in the world.

    And you’re absolutely right about a woman moving furniture! LOL

  23. Like your bedroom furniture and all! Like your new lay out. Like that you have room for a chair. We have been fortunate to have room in most of our homes for 2. We still do not have a bed frame with headboard. That’s okay because we bought the best mattress we could afford and then some. We needed it for our worn out bodies from hard living in a developing nation. Go KIng size! PS Good mattresses are costly but so worth it!

  24. We have a Sterns and Foster queen, it is comfy and we love it. BUT it is on a hollywood frame and we do not have a headboard nor footboard. Have lived here for 22 years. Someday I would like to have a bedroom set! Very much… but priorities….

  25. I love your new bedroom design! BTW, where did you purchase your ceiling fan light fixture? We must keep one in our bedroom, but I would love to add the light fixture that you are showing in your bedroom. Good luck with your new plan, I will be following to catch all the details.

  26. I have learned from past experience that if in doubt, buy it and you can always return it if it does not work….but then again I think it was just meant to be and you will find the perfect bed and the room will look magnificent with your creative talents!!…Love your room as it is too!!!!

  27. Getting ready to do an update on my Master Bedroom as well. I’ll be interested to hear about your bedding search/purchases. I’m having the hardest time finding beautiful, affordable bedding. I’m looking for cotton, so maybe that’s my problem. Our comforter now has too much Polyester and it’s too hot at night. I need cotton to breath! Good luck and can’t wait to see your results!

  28. Maybe look online at the furniture mfgs. in and around Hickory NC. You may be able to get something unfinished or choose your choice of finishes. Or, check out estate sales and if you find one you like just paint it. I’m like you and wanted a new one and kept looking and finally I saw “THE ONE” for me. It was made by Lexington and it’s called a plantation bed. It has a really high headboard and lower footboard but it was also available as a 4 poster too. My one regret is that I bought it in the queen. I still love it as much as when I bought it back in the mid 90’s but I do wish it was a king! I also wish I hadn’t bought all the extra pcs with it, armoire, lingerie chest, dresser and night stand. I thought that since it was going to be my forever one that I needed a real “set”. Now I have this beautiful matchy, matchy set and it’s not electic enough. I think the name of my group is Vestiges by Lexington. Love your room! Love your blog!

  29. You may want to check with French Laundry in High Point, NC for your bedding. The last time I was there they had several colors of ticking and their workmanship is wonderful. You can call them for colors and pricing and probably fabric samples.