Pinecone, Galvanized and Snow Christmas Tree


I always wanted to put our real tree in the family room but there was never enough room to make it work without it being so close to the fireplace, which we use often.  So when we decided to add a second, artificial tree I was so excited to add it to this corner.  It is a thinner tree and I usually put in on a pedestal of some kind to make it taller and then it fits perfectly in this corner.

I knew I wanted to use our galvanized ornaments but I also knew I wanted to mix them with other textures.


I had a few wood ornaments that I added first and then starting add the silver and white traditional bulb ornaments.   Next, I began adding snowy and furry white ornaments to tie in with our mantel theme.


I then moved on to figuring out what to use as our “topper” and admittedly was stumped.  Then, I decided to use our oversized pinecone (I do not remember where I found it).  To actually make it work as a topper, I shoved in two long wooden skewers about half way into the pinecone and then I was able to place into the top of the tree.


Once I had done that I realized I wanted to add pinecones throughout the tree and I just rested them in between the branches.  It also served the purpose of filling in some of the bare spots that you sometimes get with an artificial tree.


As much as I like the neutral and natural color scheme, I did not want to keep it so neutral so I added a thin red plaid ribbon wrapped several times around as a garland.  It was just the touch it needed to give it a little bit of color.

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6 thoughts on “Pinecone, Galvanized and Snow Christmas Tree”


  1. Love your tree and the rustic feel it has. I would never have thought of placing pine cones onto the branches. Good idea! I have seen those great big pinecones at Lowes before at this time of year and I would think perhaps Home Depot would have them as well. I live in Ontario and also think I’ve seen them at the grocery stores too.

  2. Your Tree is spectacular! I love all the pine cones nestled into the branches and the pine cone at the top is too cute. The galvanized ornaments with all of the silver and white is splendid. The wood ornaments add to the lovely rustic look. I think the red plaid ribbon is a perfect splash of color. Maybe a galvanized star tree topper would be another project for you? I do love stars, but have used Angels and whatever else works with the theme of the year- no criticism of the pine cone topper intended! Thank-you for sharing , your family room is gorgeous.