Outdoor Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas & How to Make a Bow!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Command Brand Hooks, but all opinions are my own.


Brace yourselves.

I have a lot to share today.

A new product that I am giddy about, my video debut (okay, really it is just my hands, but if it is here that means I shot it and figured out how to include here, so woo to the hoo!) and some great ideas for outdoor vintage Christmas decorating.


I think I have long established that I am a hoarder collector of vintage things.

So when I was contacted by Command brand to let me know that they now had outdoor Command Brand hooks (that work even in the snow and cold), I knew right away what I wanted to do.


You see, this is our side door.  I am not sure I have ever shared this door before.

It goes right into our mudroom. and laundry room which then leads into kitchen.

It is the door we enter from and our friends and family enter from.

And I have never decorated it.

Actually, that is not true,  I tried to use a Command hook once, but as soon as it got cold, it fell off.

So. Sad.

And I gave up.

But, with my Command Brand OUTDOOR hooks in hand, I raided my hoard collection and brought out some of my favorites.

I used an old metal wheel decorated with greenery.


 And a fishing creel basket filled with greenery.


 And some jingle bells so it will sound like Santa every time someone comes in.


And it was super easy and quick.

I gathered up my items and a mixture of real and fake greens.

I used florist wire to tie together greens and hang them on the wheel and on the bells.  I also used the wire to make loops to hang on the hooks.  I simply tucked the greens into the creel basket and it already had a loop to hang from.


Command Brand OUTDOOR hooks come in several styles and colors – including clear.  They work on siding, glass, decks gutters and trim.  Command Outdoor Adhesive Strips are water and UV resistant are designed to withstand cruddy weather include rain, snow and extreme temperatures.  Like all Command Brand products, they remove cleanly with no holes, marks, stains or sticky residue.

They have regular hooks, decorative silver hooks and clear light clips.

You are only limited by your imagination of what you want to create.


Actually, speaking of imagination – this guy puts my display to shame – you have to see what HE did with these hooks.


I used a silver hook between the windows to hang the heavy wheel and clear hooks on the glass door.


I had a reader ask my recently if I could do a tutorial on making bows.  Since a big part of this display really was the bows – today is the day.

So, please cut me a little slack – this is my first video and it was just me.  So, I do go out of frame from time to time, but I think you get the gist.

And don’t worry, in the words of the Pillsbury Dough Boy in the Geico commercial (greatest commercial in the history of ever!):

“I’ll get it together, I promise”

The next one will be even better.  Until then, my hands showing you how to make a bow…

So there you have it!

And if you want to learn more about these amazing OUTDOOR hooks from Command Brand, visit them at these spots:

Command Brand Site





Thanks so much for reading.


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24 thoughts on “Outdoor Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas & How to Make a Bow!”


  1. love the wooden sled. i am looking for one for my home and you would think i could find one living in Iowa but i have not.

  2. Thanks Laura for creating the video. I loved hearing your voice. You know how you always wonder???? I am the follower that suggested this project. Have a Merry Christmas. You and family are in my prayers. Hope Dana is staying busy.

  3. Well done video Laura. Very easy and simple to follow. I have always been bow making challenged but maybe after your video there is hope for me yet. Thanks to Vicky for suggesting this project! Hope you will do more videos on other upcoming projects.

  4. Laura, Everything looks great and very welcoming. Thanks for the bow making lesson too, it has very helpful. I would love to find an alternative to the metal over-the-door wreath hanger I have on my door. It makes scratches on the top of the door when it’s windy and my husband says it messes up the seal at the top of the door too. We hang a live pine wreath on our front door. It’s got some weight to it. Has anyone tried the Command strips on glass to hold anything heavy? Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Two things – loved the video tutorial! It made bow-making much simpler than I’ve ever been able to figure out! Nice! The other thing? OUTDOOR COMMAND HOOKS? Finally!!! I have a front storm door that I’ve desperately wanted a wreath on, but it won’t close with a wreath-hanger, and suction cups just come, well, OFF! I’m going to get some of those! Very cool.

    Thanks for being my new blog-to-follow!

  6. So many cute ideas. I do a smash up job on the inside, but neglect the outside. You’ve done some very simple and cute ideas. I LOVE the use of vintage items. I HAVE to have vintage in everything I do (I even wrote a vintage fictional novel: The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress). We live in Texas where we go from 70 degrees to freezing in a 24 hour period. I don’t know if the gorgeous greens you used would work for me, but the jingle bells and maybe something else in a basket. Love the old wheel too! Great inspiration and great job on your video!

  7. Thank you for the bow video. Our dear neighbor and friend went home to Jesus this yr. Every yr. she would make bows and put on each of our mailboxes. so this yr. our other neighbor and friend wanted to carry out her tradition in her memory. so she asked me if I would make bows ( she has arthiritus real bad) so she bought satin ribbon without wire for me to make bows. I must say it was very slippery and not the easiest to work with. I made 15 bows for our mailboxes. She knew from me sharing how difficult it was so she found ribbon in the thrift store and will show it to me after Christmas. If it is not satin , I should be okay even though the material does not have wire in it. then I can try out a bow during the yr. And if they turn out , we can switch from my first bunch of bows. She also baked mini loafs of bread for each of us. I have not had time yet, but if I do I will bake 15 loaves and put a note in remembrance of ….. on a card for @ loaf. Thank you for the video. Merry Christmas !

  8. Okay Laura, you’ve got me hooked on the hooks. Now does that company make indoor hooks that stay put?? I am tired of things falling – in the middle of the night. You jump out of bed thinking someone is raiding your space, only to find out that it was a sticky type thing that was supposed to hold. Any recommendations? Any advice is always well appreciated.

  9. Hi Laura, you did a super job of explaining your expertise in bow making. Thank you for sharing. MERRY CHRISTMAS with blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  10. Hi Laura, I started watching the video and realized I’ve never seen a bow made this way before. Just when you think you know it all, lol. Thanks for the how-to. I’m going to try this very soon. Happy Holidays to you!

  11. Always enjoy and am inspired by your home décor photos. Especially happy to know about outdoor command hooks and the well done video will prove so useful for me. Never could figure out the center loop until now. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.