Outdoor Christmas Decorating: Reclaimed Wood Reindeer


The other night, we were all in the car driving home and it started.

We started to sing Christmas carols.

I know its early.  But it was so much fun.  And the only one we all remembered all the words to…Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

What is it about him that we all love so much?

And I couldn’t be happier with our version – a reclaimed wood reindeer.

As soon as I saw this picture in the Sundance catalog, I knew it was the perfect use for the reclaimed wood we still had from my Grandfather’s house…


…to warm up our front door this Christmas.


And it was fairly easy.  If you can use a jig saw and a screw gun, you are good to go.


– Scrap wood or plywood

– 4 spindles

– Reclaimed or salvaged wood

– Screws

– Paint, stain or dark wax

– Drill

– Jigsaw


1 – Sketch out your shape on your scrap wood or plywood.  I used chalk to see it better and make changes.  I placed the spindles on it so I would have a sense of size.  I sketched the shape for the ears, tail and antlers on another piece.


2. Use a jigsaw to cut out all of your shapes. I used my new one from Ryobi which worked great and quickly.


3. Glue together your salvaged wood onto a piece of thin plywood.  We also added a few nails into the plywood to hold it together.  This piece will make the “flanks” of your reindeer.  I used the same methods as above, sketching the shape in chalk on the back side and then cutting through both the plywood and salvaged wood with a jigsaw.


4. Drill pilot holes and use screws to attach all the pieces together.


5. Stain, paint or wax your reindeer.  I used Annie Sloan dark wax to pull it all together.


6. Add some ribbon and greenery and place it outdoors (best undercover) or indoors.



 And if there happens to be “one foggy Christmas eve”, just add a red nose and you will be all set!




Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day!

 postsignature.png(disclosure: I was sent this tool from Ryobi, but all opinions are my own)

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27 thoughts on “Outdoor Christmas Decorating: Reclaimed Wood Reindeer”


  1. Oh I adore this little guy! What a clever use of cast-off table legs this could be. He could be the Pinnochio of the reindeer world 😉

  2. Oh my goodness I adore this. I love all of your projects but I think this one is my favorite. What a great way to use the wood from your grandfathers house. This little guy now has his own story. Love it.

  3. Well Laura you went and did it again. LOVE IT. I have a saw but now i will put jig saw on my christmas list to dear hubby. And if i lived close i would soon be your best friend. also at your house all the time LOL

  4. I like the natural wood rather than all the plastic, and other materials that holiday props are often made from. To me it’s just so commercial looking, and my preference is always to use natural elements for the holidays. Well done and such a great idea!

  5. Laura,
    Your little reindeer is perfect. What a great way to use Cabin Wood and what looks like former porch spindles from your house. Those materials will continue to bring back memories when you see your little deer.
    My wife has a family of four deer made by a 90 year old gent that has since passed. We think of him every year those deer come out.

  6. Laura,
    You are on a roll this week! That little reindeer is amazing and what a great way to use re-salvaged wood. BTW…. I bought all my supplies yesterday for the soy candles and just finished making them. They turned out really nice. I used a peppermint scent and crushed some candy canes and sprinkled on top once they had cooled down and turned white but still warm enough to set in the mold. To decorate the top lids, I found some round peppermint gift tags that fit perfect. I tagged each one and garnished them with a small candy cane. Thanks again for the great gift idea!!

  7. can you give me some approximate dimensions of the body and flank? How tall is it in the middle, and rump? How wide is the neck? How long from bottom of body to top of head? Also, the ears look bowed out. How did you attach them to look like that?