Our Backyard Reveal

backyard reveal

As part of Takin’ It Outside Week, today I want to share our completed backyard makeover.

But first, I have to take you back to where we started – a yard that was never used.

 porch befores and roses 002

The original builder grade deck was pulled off (literally, by hubby with a chainsaw and a tractor) because we had some major flooding problems in our basement and we had a to redo all of the drainage pipes.

We added a new deck – but left an angled section for the planned future porch.

We have been talking about a pool for a long time.  We actually seriously considered moving five years ago – and through a bunch of decisions, decided to stay.  But if we were going to stay – we were going to make into the home we really wanted to live in.  That is why we did our renovations and why we made the final decision to put in a pool.

porch befores and roses 004

This what our yard looked like before – but you don’t see all of the trees – that we – I mean – Hubby, me, Sunshine and Peanut took down all  in one weekend.  I don’t think our girls, or me for that matter, worked so hard before.

Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

Of course, when doing a pool – there is the issues of concrete decking, fencing and landscaping.

We chose to install aggregate concrete around the pool (hubby’s choice and I love it).

Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

I recently added a small seating area in the unused deck space and it provides another spot for relaxing or sitting with friends.

 Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

Since the porch already had all white trim, I decided to install a white fence.  Hubby doubted that choice at first and wanted to install a black fence.  I love the black fences as well, but felt white was the right way to go.  After a run one morning hubby saw a white fence and decided he changed his mind.  We are very happy with the decision and feel like it gives it more of a New England feel – which we love.

 Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

I positioned all the chairs and tables on the patio area so that if I wanted to stay out of the sun, I could still keep an eye on the kids from the porch.

 Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

Originally, we were going to DIY the landscaping – but in the end we knew Hubby’s travel schedule would just never allow for that – so we decided to have someone truck in all the rocks.  We knew it would be easier to do the landscaping before the fencing and did want to wait at all on the fence for safety reasons.

  After watching them do all the schlepping of the rocks – it was a very good decision!

 Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

Without a doubt, this was a big investment.  But for us, we are very happy with the decision.  Hubby and the girls have been swimming since before Memorial Day and they are out there together all the time.

This was a calculated choice we made and we feel lucky to have been in a position to be able to make it.

 Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

And although I spent the first few weeks on the sidelines taking pictures because it was just too darn cold for me, even I can’t resist anymore and have been swimming away.

Laughing and enjoying a yard that is finally used with my family.

 Backyard Landscaping, Pool Landscaping

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21 thoughts on “Our Backyard Reveal”


  1. Wow, that’s just wonderful. I hope you and your family get a lot of enjoyment out of it as you make memories together!

  2. I just love your backyard with that beautiful pool and patio….When we relocated to NC from Florida, it is the first time we do not have a pool…my hubby really misses it…I miss the ambiance of it….i am sure that you love seeing the girls enjoy it so much….Well worth the investment….Gorgeous area Laura!!

  3. Beautiful job, love everything!
    What did you use for decking material? It looks like Trek, but wondering the brand and color. We are in the process of re-doing our deck and your color looks really nice.

  4. What a beautiful oasis! It reminds me very much of the outdoor space in our old home-how we miss it! We loooooved our pool. We had so many comments from people that a pool is hard to care for, and is a pain, but we didn’t find that at all. In fact, we find it easier to care for a pool than a finicky hot tub! The girls were in the pool all day, every day, all summer. What better thing than for them to be having fun, being active, and learning to swim like a fish! Unfortunately, where we moved to is MUCH colder in the winters, which makes an outdoor in-ground pool not very pratical. We do plan on adding a patio and extensive gardens, though. I am trying to put together a post to email you, about the garden we just put in, but seem to be having a tough time getting a post together between a baby who’s decided to never sleep (she went from 3 hour naps/day and sleeping through the night to no nap AT ALL and up every 1-2 hours at night-ugh!!!) and 2 other girls home from camp =)

  5. I don’t know what I’m more jealous of. Your rockin’ backyard, or the climate which allows such a rockin’ backyard. If I installed an outdoor pool, it would be be utilized as such for one month of the year. For 8 months it would be a skating rink. I’ll have to just continue to live vicariously through lucky people like yourself. Fantastic reno.

  6. Wow Laura, you have made some AMAZING changes! With a backyard like that I would never need to leave home! Enjoy!

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    Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on.
    You’ve done a formidable job and our whole community will be thankful to you.