Lessons Learned in NOT Decorating My Home



In the years I have been blogging about decorating my home and DIY projects, I have sometimes gotten comments from people about how my house looks and that it is pulled together.  I try to explain, well you should see… and fill it with the current space / room in my house that is a total mess.  Then I also explain that it is my job for my house to decorated and for me to be changing and moving things around often.

So what happens when the decorating blogger’s home is not decorated?  What happens when my house looks nothing like these pictures, my floors are filled with doggy footprints and there is still a real, yet dead, evergreen tree on my dining room table since Christmas?




What I am learning is that life happens.

For the past few months our schedules have been FULL.   This is my last go at working on the costumes for the middle school play with my daughters, sugaring season has been in full swing, I have been working endless hours on product development and then there is soccer, life, family time, etc.


Summer Farmhouse Kitchen


And so, there are no pretty little spots.  My “vignettes” are empty table tops.  All of the creative endeavors I have been working on have left me empty on ideas or the time to come with new ones.

The greatest lesson I have learned is that I miss it.  I miss enjoying the space we are in.

I miss taking the time to make our home more welcoming for our friends and family to join us here.  Things are flat and boring and they need some love.  You know that crazy commercial where they show a car looking like a giant dog?  The whole idea is that we go “nose blind” to smells in our spaces that other people will notice.

I think I have gone “decorating blind”.  I just haven’t been paying attention.  It is affecting my mood, my ability to relax and enjoy our home.  Now, this is not to say that I am going to go out and spend a whole bunch of money on new things.  I am mostly going to take the time to fall in love with my house again.  Make taking care of our home a priority.

I am going to look at things with a new set of eyes.

Of course, those eyes probably won’t be available until next week as the play is this week and sugaring is likely in its last week and we have lots of family coming in to see the play.

But I love that I am excited about getting back to it.

How about you?  Have you been going “decorating blind” to your home and you are ready to change it?  Start simple.  Maybe as simple as picking up some grocery store flowers, or switching out some pillows from one room to another.  How about using a tray and gathering some of your favorite things on your coffee table.

Stay tuned, hopefully the next few weeks will be filled with me sharing a renew energy in our home.

Thanks so much for reading!


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23 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in NOT Decorating My Home”


  1. Wow- I can relate to this! Since my store opened, this has been my life! The store is gorgeous, the house is sad! I plan to do some spring sprucing up at the house this week.

  2. Great post, Laura! I can totally relate…I’ve been “decorating blind” for the past 10+ years or so!!! I have had the same living room sofa for 30 years!!! We had to get the kids through college, then pay for weddings, and then help a bit when they bought homes. The years fly by, but the house stays the same: 🙂

  3. We are in the middle of a DIY kitchen/dining room remodel and it is a total mess. Our kids are making huge move and career change and will be with us for several months. We just found out this week that my husband has cancer. The list goes on and on but in the midst of it all there is a peace. I know that the remodel is almost over, I am thankful the kids are here helping us on the farm and the cancer is hopefully curable so I am looking forward to decorating and sprucing things up. This renews my strength as it will feel so good when we are finished! Thank you for the excellent post.

  4. I have been in a slump also. The weather is breaking though and the sun has hit the yard. Gardening first and then the house. Still loving all the maple syrup I bought from ya. Wonderful

  5. I SO get it, Laura. On Fri I finally cleaned out the rest of Christmas from a curio cabinet! My time has been spent in the final decorating phase of a 2 yr project, our new church sanctuary, which I love, but my home decorating projects have suffered. And my yard! Ugh. So neglected in our prime gardening season (So Florida). I had a bit of surgery on Thurs and it will be weeks before I can get out there and plant annuals. I may have missed the season. Our church’s big neighborhood opening is in 2 wks so defiantly the priority. Like you, I miss the beauty and nurturing aspects of our home but for the right reasons.

  6. It’s funny, but I was thinking the same thing last night as I was sitting in my living room. I took all of the Christmas decorations down, but never really replaced them with anything else… life gets so busy and I just forget 🙂 I look forward to your posts and maybe your motivation will rub off on me.

  7. Yes! Our home has been completely neglected since I started working on this year’s middle school musical, Lion King Jr…and I don’t have students there any longer 🙂 Musical is a creative outlet I look forward to every year and do for the simple joy of giving the gift of the arts to the kids.BUT, I miss my house. We are lucky to fit a good cleaning session in right now, let alone spruce it up for spring. This is the last week and then I get to refocus on hearth and home. You will too 🙂

  8. Good for you – and you have inspired me. I’ve been feeling the same way lately, but you put into words I was grasping for. I’ll shop my home and garage and refresh! Thank you for the inspiration and gentle nudge.

  9. Sometimes life does get us in a rut as far are our surroundings go and it sounds like your life has been very busy of late. I will look forward to seeing the changes you make in the weeks ahead. Enjoy the play and company! Blessings, Pam

  10. Hi Laura! Your comment touched me very much as I feel the same way right now. Our house is freshly built and there is still a huge work to do to make it a ‘home’ 🙂 So I didn’t decorate it so far because I was waiting for the house to be finished. But I realized recently that I couldn’t wait anymore! Even in an unfinished house it’s good to make the place homy and welcoming. To put frames and fresh flowers. I realize it gives a very different vibration to the whole place! So let’s decorate! It’s the best way to fall in love with our house again -)
    I wish you a lot of fun decorating your home!

  11. Love this post, Laura! Things have been so busy around here and I’ve been dealing with some health issues, so I had been feeling uninspired and my home was definitely neglected. But then Spring started coming early here in Texas and we had some landscaping done in our front yard. I officially felt inspired seeing the fresh green buds and new mulch in our flower beds. So, I started adding Easter and Spring touches inside the house. I didn’t share a single one of my changes on my blog! Oddly enough, it felt wonderful to decorate for myself instead of for a blog post. I enjoyed the process so much and, honestly, I think my Easter decor is my favorite of all time. I’ll get around to sharing them on my blog eventually, but what fun to just do what I love without any pressure of creating an inspiring post. I inspired myself and it was just what i needed!
    Happy Spring to you and I hope you enjoy every minute of sprucing up your home!

  12. I totally understand this post so well! This relates to me. I relax & enjoy life so much better when I do little things around my home. Just bringing in magnolias from the yard & moving items around make such a huge difference. My mom has been battling stage 4 cancer and we just got a good report so I feel now I can breathe, look around and get creative!

  13. I am so feeling the same thing! I think spring will make us feel renewed and ready to spruce things up! Now, I must get busy. My dining room table is covered with Christmas decorations! (I work full time away from home!)

  14. Please take this with a grain of salt. We can decorate our coffee tables and mantels and dining tables and thats okay. As is. For weeks and months. Love your treasures. But accept a bit of permanence instead of feeling like you need to switch things out every few weeks to keep up with other bloggers. It’s just too much pressure for those of us who have busy lives.

    Keep up the good work with your business. I applaud you and admire you more for that then a cute vignette.


  15. Certainly life gets in the way of our blogging. And we may have one small area that is perfection while the rest of the house is in total chaos. I am not a decorating blogger but I repurpose different things that I find in my house. What is happening now is that my house is in transition. Some of it is, new the rest is in the before stages and then there is the in between. I think we can all laugh at the folly of this situation. And once I finish repurposing everything I’ll be able to start all over again, because we have to generate m ore content for the blog. Haha! Leet’s hope that will be a ways off. Thank youLaura for a thought inducing post and a good laugh! Btw, your video in the sidebar is very inspirational.

  16. Sometimes, the life of bloggers seem too perfect! It is nice to be reminded that not everything is what it seems. thanks for the reminder

  17. Hi Laura, I found myself saying “yes” “YES” “Y-E-S” throughout this entire post! Yes! I know exactly what you mean! I always say that what you see on my blog is my life… but it is only a slice of my life. LOVE every word! Thanks for honestly sharing how it is for all of us some if not most of the time!

  18. hi laura,
    it is so true…i’ve been feeling the same way. i also have a business that keeps me hopping and leaving me empty on the home front.
    and it was great meeting you in person at the NY Now show last week. i look forward to receiving my order of candles and ornaments!