Kitchen Makeover Before and After

All resources for our kitchen can be found here.

The layout measurements of our kitchen can be found here.

In 2010, after 10 years in our home, we decided to renovate our kitchen.

Nothing was wrong with it, but we were ready for something different and something that worked better for our family.

Here is the before.

Kitchen Before and After

And here is our kitchen now. This picture is taken from pretty much the same place.

Finding Home Kitchen 5

Finding Home Kitchen 2 - 5 watermark

The biggest change that we made is that we took out the wall where the stove was (there was an extremely small laundry room behind it) and removed the pantry that was on the back wall. This gave us about 4 additional feet in length to the room without having to do major changes to the layout.

To replace the laundry room, we converted one bay of our garage into our laundry / mudroom.

Kitchen Before and After, White Kitchen, White Farmhouse Kitchen

The laundry room was as long as the green wall and half as wide. As you can imagine, that was pretty difficult to work in.

Kitchen Before and After, White Kitchen, White Farmhouse Kitchen

With a clean slate to start again with, one of our main goals was to install a sit down island.

Kitchen Before and After

For cabinetry, we picked a very simple shaker style door. The outer cabinets are obviously painted white and the island is a rustic alder. There are lots of great knots and character to it.Finding Home Kitchen 7 watermark rs

We also upgraded our appliances. And as a last minute decision, based on advice from a friend, we chose to do a cabinet front refrigerator as opposed to stainless steel. I am very happy with the decision.

We chose to upgrade to a 6 burner stove mainly to accommodate the many large pots needed to finish maple syrup inside – a family activity that we love to do.

finding home kitchen 14

In order to have enough space for a sit down island, we had to make the depth of the hutch cabinets and the island cabinets 18 inches as opposed to the standard 12 or 24 inches. This allowed for an overhang to sit at and enough pass through room while still gaining the storage and look of the hutch area, another one of my favorite elements. This is the only place we went to the ceiling to have a built in effect.

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Kitchen Before and After

The backsplash is a mix of white subway tiles and a molded tile. There is actually a really fun crackle finish to the tile, but it does not show up in pictures.

Finding Home Kitchen 2 - 8

The countertop is granite in Kashmire White. I will admit, I did not want granite, but I love this granite. I wanted something a little different, but, the reason there is so much granite out there is because it is really family friendly.

Finding Home Kitchen 2 - 9

Finding Home Kitchen 2 - 7

This window above the sink is the original window with the transom above added during the renovation. I actually had the shelf on the window added after the project was completed. I had been trying to figure out how to get a little bit of color up here, but I didn’t want to cover any of the window with a curtain. The blue mason jars I have been collecting seemed like the perfect solution.

Mason Jars on Windowsill

I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink, but I was reluctant to do another sink that was going to chip like my old one. Our kitchen designer recommended the stainless steel farmhouse sink and I love it. It gives a little bit of a modern edge and is very easy to upkeep.

Kitchen Before and After

Our island has become the place where we eat most meals, homework is worked on and there is also just big enough to have a little bit of display space.

finding home kitchen 21

Our kitchen opens right through to our family room.

finding home kitchen 13

And also connects to our new mudroom, dining room and front entry. Off of the family room is a full bath and a guest bedroom.

Finding Home Kitchen 3

finding home kitchen 12finding home kitchen 22

Our table is the same and is very special to us. My Father-in-law built this table for us when we built the house. It was so funny because my husband asked him about it and he had it built before the house was finished. We had never given him measurements but it fit the room perfectly.

We do eat so many of our meals at the island now, so when we sit at the table, we tend to linger longer and talk more as opposed to rushing back to homework or evening activities.

Kitchen Before and After

Kitchen Before and After, White Kitchen, White Farmhouse Kitchen

I hope you enjoyed our kitchen tour. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have, just let me know!

Since I have had so many requests, and I didn’t think to do it to start with, the wall color in the kitchen and family room is:

Benjamin Moore, Flowering Herb #514

All resources for our kitchen can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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  1. Wow, this is fantastic! I love every bit of every little detail! The white cabinets make the kitchen look so much bigger and brighter! We are in the process of painting ours white also. Just about finished. What a project! You did a great job!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  2. OMG can I move in? I’m totally in love with your kitchen and home… THe kitchen finishes are stunning… the lighting, pulls, center island… everything. I’m going back to look again! Perfection!!

  3. Your reno turned out great!! I love the white cabinets, farm style sink, the window with the glass jars …it looks very nice! We are almost done a kitchen remodel as well,,,,just getting down to some finishing details and the finishing touches. Thanks for sharing your great room!

  4. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I just love everything about it, Laura! (Trying NOT to be jealous….!) lol! You built my dream kitchen…… What a great job you all did!!!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Stunning. There are too many things I love to mention them all, but here are a few that really stick out to me: Faucet, chandelier, glass jars over the window, sink, and the white-dark contrast going on–the entire room is just beautiful and I wish I can cook in it!! (And I do not like cooking but your kitchen makes me WANT TO COOK!!!)

    Excellent job, I wish you could come over to my new house my husband and I just purchased πŸ™‚

  6. I never get tired of looking at your amazing kitchen and I am so lucky to have the honor of spending time with you and your family in this special new room — “love is in the details” my friend! Looking forward to my next visit!

  7. Laura your kitchen is stunning!! I love the change, I loved it before too, but wow you did an amazing job! Islands are so great too. Our kitchen is small but we were able to put one in off towards the side, so I guess it really isn’t a island, more like a cove. πŸ™‚
    Love it my friend and thank you for the tour!!

  8. Laura, Your new kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the cabinets and especially the floor to ceiling ones. The lighting, sink, counter tops…everything is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this amazing transformation at my party.

  9. Oh my goodness!!! That is an absolutely amazing transformation and I am so impressed. Gorgeous! My sister (with whom I blog) is working on her kitchen right now and I need to send her over here to check yours out. Your entire home is truly lovely and I can’t wait to go peek around your blog some more! πŸ™‚

  10. Your new kitchen looks incredible! I am so jealous! Can I just come move in? I promise, I don’t take up much rooom. And I’ll buy my own food!
    Loving your blog! I’m your newest follower. Found you through The Shabby Nest’s Frugal Friday! (Sorry for the wrong website on the last comment! It’s the end of the week… haha.)

  11. its a friendly kitchen, i just want to sit down and have a chat with my friend while she bakes or cleans. im weird but thats what i do.

  12. Your new kitchen looks incredible! I am so jealous! Can I just come move in? I promise, I don’t take up much rooom. And I’ll buy my own food!
    Loving your blog! I’m your newest follower. Found you through The Shabby Nest’s Frugal Friday!

  13. Beautiful kitchen! I’m sure you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment every time you walk into the room. Enjoy!

  14. I enjoyed this post very much. There is so much to love about this kitchen makeover. I am doing a mini makeover on mine right now. The things I loved best is the color palette, the light fixtures, the sink, the overall light and openness to the kitchen. It came out fantastic, and I am following you now too.

  15. I came across your blog through “Fingerprints on the Fridge,” and I am in complete amazement! We are almost finished with our kitchen (and also just installed Kashmir White!), and your lights above the island and island chairs are exactly what I hve been searching for! Could you share where you found both of them? Beautiful job!

  16. I love your kitchen. Very bright! I love the apron sink and our faucets are almost exactly the same. I recently painted my kitchen and love it. Your entire blog is beautiful. I’m a new follower.

  17. You new kitchen is just beautiful! We are doing a total gut out makeover for our kitchen and I have chosen coconut white shaker cabinets with honey coloured, granite look countertops, and possible a white tile or neutral glass backsplash . Our layout will stay the same to save $$$ but we are adding a dishwasher. I’m curious to know why you are disappointed with the dw you chose. I am still looking and don’t want to make a mistake as I’ve never owned one. I going with a white one with a stainless steel lining. I noticed yours is the plain front with hidden panel buttons. Is that the issue? I’d appreciate your input. I think you have done a wonderful job on your makeover and really love the built in wall cabinets opposite the window. Have a great day! Pamela

  18. What a Fabulous Transformation, I just Love your Kitchen…. every detail is lovely, like the sweet old blue ball jars in the window~ a Perfect touch to a wonderful ReNew!

  19. Laura,
    That was a fabulous makeover! Your kitchen looks like a different house. It is just gorgeous. Love the countertops and the area around the sink. Thanks for linking it up!

  20. Holy cow, I love this! You must be on cloud 9. Beautiful bright kitchens make me smile. So, thanks for making me smile this morning! Will you please share you wall color?? I love it!

  21. What a pretty kitchen~I love how it came out! Your makeover is wonderful- so bright and cheery and pretty- love that window with the jars too. Thanks for sharing at FNF πŸ™‚

  22. I have been trying to find out the blue glass tiles used in the kitchen renovation last week on Better Homes & Gardens could you please tell me where I could buy them or what they are called? Thanking you Elaine

  23. Wow Laura….Your kitchen is just beautiful. Gorgeous transformation…I love it. Just today I too did a post on our petite kitchen: Before and After. Maybe you’d like to take a looksy? Hope to see you there. Have a wonderful day. Now off to look around your blog some more.
    Hugs and Kisses,

  24. Oh MY Gosh!! Your kitchen is awesome!! I LOVE it!!
    Makes me want to re-so my kitchen, and I’m in the middle or remodeling right now but I LOVE LOVE Love yours!! Great Job, it really makes a big difference!

  25. what a lovely kitchen! very nicely done. I love all the built in touches and the simple shaker style (my favorite). Oh, and great idea with the blue mason jars in the window. The perfect touch of color! so pretty!

  26. Love, love, LOVE this! I desperately want a white kitchen and yours is gorgeous! I love all of your little extra touches especially those mason jars and the display on the island. Great job!

  27. I am in the process of purchasing new kitchen appliances. Please let me know what you think of the stainless steel, what I should be aware of and what brand dishwasher you bought that you did not care for and why.

  28. Wow. That is the most gorgeous kitchen ever! I love your hutch cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling – beautiful and functional for storage. When can I move in?!

  29. LOVE your new kitchen!!! Especially the lights. Can you share where you got them from? Very simiar to what I have in mind.

  30. Every last detail of this remodel is just gorgeous! Great job!

    Where did you get the pendents over your island?? I am in love with them!

  31. Oh my gosh, I am in love with your kitchen!! It is amazing! I just found your blog – I can’t wait to look around. I am your newest follower πŸ™‚

  32. WOW triple WOW … love everything BUT BUT what about the floors. No one ever tells about their flooring, please tell me about your floors. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Love, love your makeover! I was wondering what green paint (color and brand and finish) you chose , it is a beautiful shade, and I am soon to be doing a makeover too! Thank you!

  34. It’s lovely, so classic and warm. I have a question about your flooring…what kind is it? I was trying to read the side of the boxes in the photo but can’t make it out.

    I love that photo in the corner with the scale and colander….most people have a dark hole and can’t even see, but yours is bright and light and cheerful. Congratulations!

  35. I LOVE your renovation and have been wanting to do something similar in my own kitchen in tersm of palette and layout. My kitchen has great space and light, but is more of a rectangle than a square, so am struggling with dimensions in order to make it work. Can you tell me how deep your sink cabinet is, how deep the island is, and how much space between the sink and island, then the island to the pantry? Essentially, I’m trying to figure out the minimum distances for walking space among the three “stationary” pieces of sink counter, island, and pantry. Thanks so much for posting these inspring photos!

  36. Hi! Love your kitchen! I would like to set mine up similarly, would you mind telling me the dimensions of the oven wall length and sink wall length to refrigerator? Also, how big is your island and how much walkway space did you allow around it (and are you satisfied with the layout?) Thanks for your help!

  37. wow-what an amazing after! i love that you moved the stove to that space, and thanks for the sources page. i was going to ask you what granite you chose, but i saw it was kashmir white. when we redo the kitchen, i think i am going to go that route. i have dark cherry cabinets that are staying that color, so i am trying to find a granite that doesn’t play into the tan/browns.

  38. Hello! I LOVE your kitchen! I was wondering if you would share the dimensions of you kitchen? How long is your island? I am wanting to reconfigure our kitchen space and from the picture your kitchen looks very similar to the space we have. Thanks for your help!!

  39. Love, love, love your kitchen and your gorgeous blog!!
    Just found you through Jennifer Rizzo and I’m so happy I did!!
    I’m your newest follower and I can’t wait to read your past posts!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  40. Good morning…so glad to have found you over at Jennifer’s…your kitchen and home are lovely…very inspiring…we are in the midst of our kitchen remodel now…following along now to see more of your talent…come on over for a visit…happy Sunday, Mariaelena

  41. Love your home. I love the old house effect the wide door/window casings and tops give your house. Your home is such a wonderful blend of old and new in a timeless/ageless look. thanks for the tour.


    ps in your kitchen hutch are your blue and white dishes Liberty Blue English Staffordshire?
    They look like my wife’s set.

  42. your kitchen renovation is fantastic! so light and bright…very pretty. How do you like the stainless farmhouse sink? i am thinking of getting one – farmhouse for sure, but leaning towards stainless to avoid…well…stains πŸ˜‰

  43. I was just about to ask if you all built your home or are redoing it……Your before & afters are amazing!!!

  44. We are just in the process of starting to decide “how” we want to remodel our kitchen and I came acrossed your site! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! It is absolutely beautiful. They layout of our kitchen now is identical to your “before,” so I am wondering what the dimensions of your room are? Mainly, from the back wall of the stove to the edge of the fridge and then from the window to the cupboards on the back wall?? Thank you so much!

  45. I Love your kitchen! Could you please tell me where to get the pulls you used ont the cabinets and drawers?


  46. I think we have all the same favorite colors and styles! It made me feel happy just looking at your kitchen- beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  47. I just found your blog…I am in love! My new kitchen looks like your before which is totally not what I wanted. I need help!!!

  48. Just, happen to come across your kitchen renovation. All I can say is absolutely GORGEOUS! You did a beautiful job and you have a great eye for decorating. Your kitchen remodel just, SCREAMS please, come in and make yourself comfortable. I am also, updating my kitchen and decided to go with kashmir granite countertops thanks, to your post. You gave me some great ideas. Thank you, Enjoy your new space and happy spring!!!! Kitchen is breathtaking!

  49. Where did you find your island?? I have a very similar kitchen shape and I love everything you did with yours. I have been looking for an island just like that!

  50. I just found your kitchen renovation and it is gorgeous! We have been searching for longer than I would like to admit for an inspiration for our kitchen which is in need of a complete remodel. We also would like to add a mudroom/laundry/small bath and pantry. I am excited to see your lovely kitchen because it solves many of the issues we have been grappling with. Our primary problem is to incorporate an island with seating and cabinets along both sides of the kitchen, which is only 13 1/2′ wide. If I am calculating your measurements correctly, it is 13′ feet deep and you have included the island and cabinetry we are looking for while keeping everything is to scale and not one beautiful element overpowering the other. We have also been considering using one of our garage bays for the additional areas that we need like you did. A couple of questions – have you seen any disadvantages from losing your garage space? is your pantry in the cabinets at the back at the end of the range counter? And, your measurements indicate that the island countertop is only 49″ long, but it looks much longer in the pictures – more like 6 – 8′, is the 49″ correct?

    Thank you so much for sharing this and your lovely home – I just subscribed and am looking forward to reading through the rest of your blog!

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  53. I love your table, built by your father-in-law. CRAZY….we have the same table which we purchased about 40 years ago. It is pine and I love it. Just recently I got the “painting” bug and painted the top black although my hubby was unhappy that I painted away the “memory marks” from 3 children and 40 years of eating on it. Now, looking at yours, I think I may have to strip it back down to the pine. I’m loving the look of the table and black chairs together, which mine are black also. BTW, I love everything else in that kitchen too ~ you did a wonderful job. Now, another crazy thing, we have the SAME bed in our bedroom. This too was purchased over 40 years ago. I love the color yours is painted and am considering painting mine also.

  54. Where did you get your island with the seating? I’m looking for something like that and I can’t find it anywhere.. thank you.. kitchen looks amazing

  55. We are having plans drawn for a new kitchen/dining/sitting room now with February/March as our target date to start. What is the ceiling height in your kitchen? I’m wanting to have 2 transom windows above the 42″ cabinets on one wall and hoping 9′ ceiling is tall enough.

    And what is the depth of your window sill over the sink? I love that you have room for a few decorative items but not so deep that it would be difficult to reach to clean (I’m 5-2″). I’ve chosen white shaker cabinets and the same granite as you have for counter tops because it is a more practical replacement for the look of carrara marble. I have chosen Black Cosmic granite for the island.