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Although you have already seen my family room several times and through several seasons and holidays, I have never done a true “Before and After” post.  So, today, I thought I would.

Warning – lot of pictures!

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But first, I need to show you the before shots – show you the history of this room.

First, the walls were white and the fireplace was much smaller.

We had no window trim, just sheetrock returns and pine sills.

February 2004 - Nancy's house 086

Then, the walls were a golden tan, we added artwork and curtains.  I really loved the room when it was like this.

june 2002 029

Although I really did wish for something more, these days were so much simpler.  My girls were babies, life was a bit simpler.

Seeing these pictures brings me nothing but happy memories of my home.

june 2002 027

The little red table and chairs was where my girls ate their snacks and sometimes lunch.  The computer was right in the kitchen on my desk so I could keep track of my kiddos.

june 2002 030

And here is the hot mess I lived in for way too long while the house was being worked on.

Christmas thru Easter 2010 112

And here is the blank slate we started with.  New wall color (514 – Flowering Herb by Benjamin Moore), new floors, updated fireplace and millwork.


And here is our family room now.

Finding Home Family Room 2

This is the entry into our family room from the front entry.  The transom window was added during the renovations.  I actually always felt it should be there and looked for an old stained glass window for years to hang in the space but never found one.

whole house afterw 342

You can find the information on the sources for our family room here.

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Finding Home Family Room 7

whole house afterw 283

Finding Home Family Room 8

My obsession with my girl’s feet continues…

Finding Home Family Room 10

A place for some of my many vintage blue bottles.

Finding Home Family Room 11

I haggled hard for my orchard ladder and it still one of my favorite pieces in the room.

Finding Home Family Room 12

Thanks so much for joining me in my family room today!

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36 thoughts on “Home Tour: Family Room”


  1. so amazingly gorgeous! looking at that transformation never gets old for me! love, love, love everything you have done dear friend!

  2. Your family room looks lovely. Love your style and decorating elements! Looks beautiful!

    I am in the middle of painting and looking at BM, however, it is so overwhelming!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh Laura, that is a beautiful transformation!!! Your home is gorgeous! I love everything you have done.

  4. I love your home. I drool over the window trim, and yesterday I picked up a sample pot of “flowering herb” to see if it will work in my home! Thank you for your inspiration.

  5. Hi Laura – Isn’t it remarkable how our homes transition over time? Your light, bright Family Room is so lovely and welcoming. For someone like me who is drawn to warm, deep colors, your home is one of the most appealing I’ve seen in a lighter palette. Your talents are obvious! Have a great day. 🙂

  6. The millwork and (I think I noticed)new doors add so much. Although “life was simple” the stained doorframes got nothing on the beautiful trim you’ve got goin’ on now!

  7. What a lovely transformation. Our windows look the same as your “before” windows. Trimming them out (very similar to what you have done) is on our to do list. It is nice to see the before and after of a similar project and makes me antsy to get going on ours! I like that you also did the fireplace to add some weight to it and continuity to the room. Well done!

  8. I LOVE the transom window and have been considering doing something similar with an old china cabinet glass door. Well you have convinced me it might just work!! Lovely home and inspiring blog!!

  9. Wow, what a tramsformation! It looks like a magazine photo shoot! I love the paintings you have.

  10. First of all, the family room has morphed into a beautiful room…the mess was worth it..It looks like a very happy family lives there!…Second, I soooo love the “feet”…what a great picture…It gives me an idea…Have a great weekend…

  11. Hi Laura: Saw your post on Tatertots and Jello link party and had to stob by for a better look and say hello! Wow! I love everything about your family room transformation. You are very talented!! Love the paint color as well – such a beautiful neutral! So glad I found your blog – I am your newest follower. Please visit my blog sometime and say hello. I love to make new bloggy friends and follow me back if you would like 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.
    Heather @ settingforfour.blogspot.com

  12. What a great transformation! We are relocating and I’ve seen SO many living rooms just like yours, you’ve done exactly what I’d like to do in some of these houses. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You have don a beautiful job there and your photos look like they are from a magazine! I’ve got this linked to my living rooms post too today, I was getting full living room tours for my post and this gorgeous space was perfect!

  14. Hello!

    I found your blog a few months ago and am slowly making my way through it… wish I could just sit and read blogs all day long, but alas, I use my spare time to do so. I adore your family room… it’s very similar to what I’m trying to create with our living area. I have been on a hunt for sofas for a while, and I fell in love with yours the minute I saw them. I know you mentioned they are from Lexington Furniture, however I can’t seem to locate the fabric you chose… any way you have the fabric number or name? Thank you so much for any help.

    Keep up the beautiful work, it’s such great inspiration! I hope to create that soon!