Holiday House Walk 2012

Hello and welcome to our home!

I am so very excited to share our Christmas home tour today as part of the lovely Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Homewalk 2012.

We are the final stop following the lovely Paige Knudsen.

If you are following along the tour and this is your first time here – welcome!

I want to thank Jennifer so much for including our home and allowing me to share it all with you and “invite you in”!

I hope you have enjoyed all of the homes and we are all so thankful that you have followed along with us. It is quite an honor to be part of such a beautiful group of homes for this year’s Housewalk.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Front EntryJennifer Rizzo's Holiday House Tour Stop 21

If you have never been here before, I am Laura and I live with my sweet and handsome Hubby and my two lovable girls, Sunshine and Peanut in the Hudson Valley of New York.

family photo in color Now lets get to the tour!

At our entry, I decided to go a little non-traditional and put my endless collection of galvanized buckets to use.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Galvanized Tree

And I applied the same principal to my stack of toolboxes that I have a love affair with.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Toolbox Tree

Our dining room is set for a casual and comfortable meal with candles and boxwood greens…

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Dining Room to Hall

 Finding Home Dining Table  Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Dining Hutch

Our little tree, is artificial, but I filled it in with boxwood cuttings and set in in a galvanized container.  The “ornaments” are actually place setting cards.

Collage 2 Photos Horizontal

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Dining Room into Living Room

Our living room is one of my favorite spaces and where we open our presents and relax on Christmas morning.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Living Room

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Toleware Noel Tray

There is nothing prettier in my book than a room lit by Christmas tree lights and candles, or…

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Living Room at Night

       the warmth of a fire in our family room.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Family Room at Night      Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Family Room

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Family Room from above

Our mantel also serves as our Advent countdown to Christmas.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Christmas Mantel

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Advent Calendar

I used a mixture of artificial and real evergreens, but my favorite are the two lemon Cyprus trees I placed in some vintage crocks.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Family Room Sidetable

My quirky sense of humor shows up on our coffee table with my ‘”cow-deer”.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Coffee Table Cowdeer

A few years ago, I planned to meet my husband in Paris for the weekend – he was already there, hotel was booked by his company, we had the miles to fly me over and the babysitter was all lined up.

Except I never made it…

That was the weekend the volcano exploded and all of the airports were shut down.  If you were in Newark airport that night – I was the girl crying at the Paris gate when they officially shut the Paris airport down.

Hubby, all by himself went to the flea market I wanted to go to and brought me back these postcards – they are some of my favorite things.  But don’t worry too much, we went back the following year when he was traveling for business again – and he took he to three flea markets!

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Coffee Table Photos

I finally found the perfect spot for our nativity and I mixed it with a gold, silver and rustic woods.

Finding Home Housewalk Nativity    Finding Home Housewalk Angels

This is the console across from out kitchen table.  I keep craft supplies, paper, crayons, etc. for my girls.  It seemed the perfect spot for a Christmas barn full of animals.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Christmas Farm

I don’t put a lot of decor in the kitchen to keep things functional – but I still wanted to bring in some bright touches.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Christmas Kitchen

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Kitchen Island

Finding Home Housewalk Kitchen Shelf

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Christmas Kitchen Window

Holiday Housewalk Hot Chocolate Station

On our kitchen table my husband’s truck from when he was a boy – filled with greenery and vintage ornaments.

The table was made by my father-in-law the year we bought our house – you can still the imprint on the table where my older daughter was learning to write the letter Z.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Vintage Truck and Ornaments copy

We take turns each year with the white tree in terms of who’s room it goes in.  This year, with a Joy to the World theme, it is my younger daughter’s room.

Finding Home Holiday Housewalk Joy to the World Christmas Tree

My super talented friend Erin Witkowski of Eve’s Wish Photography took these photos (except for the outdoor and kitchen ones – that is whey they aren’t as good!)

And that concludes the tour to my home and the Housewalk for 2012!

But no worries, if you missed anything (or you want to see anything again!), you can start right at the beginning.

Thank you so much for following along!

P.S. I am also sharing over at The Inspired Room and The Cottage Magpie

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51 thoughts on “Holiday House Walk 2012”


  1. oh my!!!!
    your home is absolutely amazing! i can just imagine how much laughter goes on inside those walls!
    so sad about paris…but he certainly brought you home some sweet treats!
    merry merry christmas!

  2. Adore all your wonderful Christmas touches! I about cried too about Paris–the artist in me is so sad–its on my bucket list though 🙂 Thanks for sharing your home! Merry Christmas, Kris

  3. oh laura- your home is so beautiful, I love all of your special touches including the sprinkles of Noel around. I can just imagine jammin to some christmas music drinking a hot totty (sp) right now in your family room.

  4. Hi Laura, Wow, everything looks fantastic! Your home is so beautiful! Of course, I love your bucket tree and your toolbox tree and it all just looks so inviting and lovely! Happy Holidays!

  5. I love this Housewalk, just stunning, all the greenery especially the touches of boxwood is just beautiful. Boxwood are my favorite bushes. I love of course, the bucket tree. Have a great weekend.


  6. Merry Christmas Laura. Your home is absolutely gorgeous and you are SO creative!!! I love every detail in your cozy and festive home. Thanks for having us over.

  7. Laura!
    This is fabulous! I want to move right in, open those gifts, sip some eggnog …
    do you think your family will mind?

    That advent window is perfection! Love your cow deer! Don’t even get me started on the tool box and tub trees!

    And the icing on the Christmas cookie is the fact that your hubs would actually brave the Paris flea market just to bring you home some postcards – you got a winner!

    Pinning fast and furiously – thanks for sharing and thrilled to be part of the house walk with you!

  8. What a beautiful home. I LOVE your style and holiday decorating. Did you make the letters Noel in green on each plate? Could you teach me? I would love to do that over here at our house this year. I am not very crafty, but would like to try. It is such a lovely touch. If you’ve already mentioned how to somewhere, oops. I’m just learning how to walk thru all these lovely blogs and homes. Thank you!

  9. Oh my goodness I just love your house! Whenever I see a new post from your blog in my newsfeed, I automatically know I’m gonna love it!! 🙂

  10. Laura,

    I have to say, your house is at the top of my list on the housewalk! So many really different and inspiring ideas! Some of my faves – the galvanized tub tree, the toolbox tree, and the cow deer (I grew up on a dairy farm)! And how sweet of your husband to get you those postcards – I’m sure you will treasure them always!

  11. Laura it’s gorgeous…every little corner of your home says ‘love’ ….what else can I say that has not already been said?…how humbling to be your ‘neighbour’ in this house walk. GORGEOUS my sweet friend. xo

  12. Thank you for inviting us in to see your lovely home all decked out with holiday spirit! Would you be terribly offended if I told you that while I really like what you did this year in your family room, last’s years struck a cord with me and is still probably my most favorite holiday room EVER!

    Thanks for all the inspiration… I look forward to each post!

  13. Laura, your home is gorgeous. I love every detail of not only your holiday decorating, but all of your decor. My favorite is the galvanized bucket tree on your porch because it is so, so creative! Thanks so much for the tour and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. Dear Laura, I haven’t had a chance to take in any of the tours yet, but BAM there you were, so I had to scroll. Oh my GOSH. My jaw hit the floor. I adore your rustic galvanized touches so very much! Your entire home is a dream. I love your style! Wow, what a tour! Thank-you!

  15. I totally love your Christmas style! You have mixed everything that I love just wonderfully. Thanks so much for sharing your home.

  16. Your home is lovely! Can you tell me about the figures in your kitchen window sill? Thank you again for sharing!

  17. Laura – Congrats on being included in this Holiday House Walk! You certainly deserve the recognition. Your home is most definitely one of the most cozy and welcoming I’ve seen so far. Love all of your holiday touches, you’ve got such an eye and a talent for “just the right piece in just the right place”. Thank you so much for inviting us in and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Just B 🙂

  18. Laura,

    Your home tour is amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention that I LOVE the boxwood wreath on the hutch)! I am totally copying you and immediately making my own boxwood wreath and hanging it! You are an absolute genius!

    Have a very Merry Christmas my wonderful friend!


  19. Hi Laura. I just found your amazingly beautiful blog when I visited The Old Painted Cottage today. I love your decorating style and really enjoyed looking at all your rooms and the wonderful vignettes you have created. A sign over your living room door caught my eye “The Hartt Boot and Shoe Co.” . I can’t quite make out the words underneath and am wondering if it says the name of the city. I live near Fredericton, NB, Canada and there was a Hartt Boot and Shoe Co. there that was quite famous for it’s footwear. I am wondering if this is the same as on your sign. I will be following your blog for lots of inspiration. Blessings for the New Year. Pamela

  20. hi – i recently came across your blog and have to say your home is lovely. all your decorations from last christmas are so beautiful, cozy and inspiring. i was wondering where your little christmas barn and animals comes from in particular – if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got it. super sweet. thanks.

  21. Laura: Creative genius runs in your family….simply stunning in every way…you have truly inspired me. Merry Christmas to you and your family.