Galvanized Tub Christmas Tree

Finding Home Galvanized Tree

Recently how I shared with how I never met a (reasonably priced) old toolbox I didn’t like – and then want to bring home with me.

Well, the same could be said for galvanized buckets.

And I found myself with a whole bunch of them.

 Finding Home Christmas Entrance

One day I was moving them around in the garage, and an idea struck.

They would make the perfect outdoor Christmas tree!

galvanized tree up close

And so I gathered them all up, realized I needed just one more – which I found from a lovely lady at a fun little shop.  Scooped it right off her front porch – so it could go on my own porch.

I had different plans for the topper, but then as I put it all together, the galvanized scoop I had planned to put around it, seemed the perfect way to top it off.

 galvanized Christmas Tree Topper

And so a grapevine wreath was filled with a galvanized container and some greenery and hung on the door.

 Finding Home Christmas Welcome

My wood holder was moved to the other side to hold some old skates, keep a pretty vintage sled company and be lit by more candles.

 Finding Home Entrance Skates and Sled

So although this idea may not be for everyone (the cable guy was very intrigued last week!), I personally think it makes for the perfect entrance to our home and our toolbox tree!

Finding Home Front Door Entrance

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36 thoughts on “Galvanized Tub Christmas Tree”


  1. Love it! We don’t have any tubs, but have several tool boxes. I had to show your tool box tree to my husband. He was intrigued – maybe there is a tool box tree in my future!! Great inspiration. Sally

  2. Wow, you are so creative Laura! What a great idea! I love the embroidered garland. It makes me feel good to see other women using rustic things to decorate inside and outside of their homes. Have a great week!

  3. I love it-how in the world did you find the perfectly sized tubs to creat the tree? I want to go shopping with you! Oh, and the ribbon is so, so pretty!

  4. Ok, sorry I didn’t seem to know how to spell above.. . let me try again.

    OH. MY. STARS!!!! you are a genius (you are). I LOVE your galvanized tree!

  5. oh laura … i love it all.
    so welcoming and homey. i can really see myself coming in a sitting wtih
    you and having some hot cocoa and talking up a storm;)

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! A home without some whimsy…without that little bit of fun…well, it just isn’t enticing. It just looks like all the rest…but that personal touch of whimsy…It makes all the difference in the world! It adds character. It adds interest…it adds ZING and POP!!! I recently read somewhere that in family photos there should be 3 main colors, and then there should be the touch of a 4th color…just a touch…to add that POP!!!! Well, that’s what makes your home so very cool…so number one…it’s that touch of whimsy that POPS!!!! A Christmas tree made out of wash tubs??? AWESOME!!! Another Christmas tree made out of tool boxes???? The most awesome of awesome. You are amazing!

  7. Laura…just looking around your blog at all of the Christmas GOODNESS… Such awesome ideas… Love your creativity with the buckets and the tool box (never thought old tool boxes could look so awesome stacked like a Christmas tree!) I mean… it’s so cool… primitive cool!! 🙂 It all looks so good!

  8. Laura,
    I am excite to be featuring your “tub tree” on my “Friday Fave Pins” tomorrow on Dec 7th. I hope you come on over for a visit very soon!!

  9. I haven’t been able to find any cool ribbon like that anywhere that have on the galv tub tree. Do you share sources? 🙂