Failure Is Not Black and White

If you have been with me for a while, you know my goal for last year was to stop being a chicken.

You see, I had this dream, for a long time, but I was frozen by the “what ifs” and how to’s.

It really wasn’t anything too revolutionary, except that it could lead to failure.

Failure, such an ugly word,

such a scary word.

But I did it anyway, I had my first home sale – selling a mixture of vintage and new items.  You can read all about it here.

b&sh 004

How did it go, it went alright.  You can read about that here.

My motto after that sale became this…

turtle quotee

I moved forward and I had another sale that you can read about here.

Home & Harvest 118

That one went just okay too.

But then, I had another opportunity that I never really had a chance to tell you about.

I know, Christmas is over and we are over looking at pictures of it.

But, will you bear with me through just a few?


Locally, there are two wonderful gentlemen who hold a fabulous home sale every year.  They have been doing so for about 12 years (I think) and I have been going for about 5 years.  (I took pictures of them, but unfortunately they came out really blurry.)   Over the last year or so, I have gotten to know them outside of the “sale” world as well.

This year, I had the opportunity to participate in their sale.


They represent a group of very talented vendors and artists who sell their goods in their home.

As you can see from the pictures, they turn over their whole home and set it up in a retail setting.  There is a lot of Christmas decor and gifts as well.


No only do they set up their home, they set up their garage as well.

Gary's Sale 114

Have you ever seen such a beautiful garage?

Gary's Sale 123

So, why do I share this now?

Because being part of this sale was quite a learning experience for me.

They have many years into this type of sale, they have a huge following and their timing is perfect (two weeks after Thanksgiving).  Not to mention they are masters at pulling it all together beautifully yet still making it feel like a home.

They have a ton of traffic move through on a weekend when people are ready to start buying gifts and decorate their homes.

So, why would I try to reinvent the wheel?

So, my plan for this year,

I will still have one sale in the Spring – still try to make my own way.

But instead of a fall sale, I will have the opportunity to participate in this sale again.  This is a great opportunity for me and I am very excited for it.  My participation this time was on a small scale without much planning on my part.  I now have all year to prepare – lets hope I use it!


As I result of all this, I am learning that failure is not black and white.

There is not only total failure and terrific success.

There is a lot of variations in between.

I never would have reached this opportunity if I didn’t put myself out there, at least try.

I found this great quote a few weeks after my last sale and it has entertained me.

So, I thought I would share it with all of you.


See how many more things I can screw up before I should consider it failure?

I guess success is not black and white either.

I feel successful in still moving forward, still finding my journey.

And still appreciative that you are will to join me.

Thanks for reading.

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12 thoughts on “Failure Is Not Black and White”


  1. Hi Laura…I too am trying to find my way and recently had something happen that took the wind out of my sails. I made a mistake in judgement that I deeply regret. I can’t go back and change it so my only choice is to move on. I considered chucking everything…my blog, my shop, etc. I thought about going back to my anonymous life before blogging. But I guess I need to soldier on and not think of this experience as total failure. Maybe just a bump in the road. This post really hit home and I thank you for sharing your feelings. The very best of luck in 2012 with where ever your heart takes you.

  2. Laura, exposing our vulnerablities is scary for most of us, but it is also the most rewarding part of any process. I appreciate your willingness to show your warts as well as your talents. Stay true to yourself. Your potential and your growth are both evident. Nice job.

  3. Most opportunities are a result of a “set back”. Wish I lived somewhat close. The December house sale looks wonderful!

  4. Great attitude!
    I don’t think failure is an ugly word at ALL – it means you tried something! In fact, I have this quote framed on my son’s wall because he has such a hard time with losing/failing: “Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail better.”
    Best of luck with continuing on!!!

  5. Thanks for posting the great pics from our sale and the very kind words . You make our house look so inviting! So glad that you were part of the sale and even though we have over 20 years experience in doing our sale…Yes I said over 20… We are old… Making new friends and finding new vendors keep it fresh and exciting. Very happy to call you a vendor, but thrilled to call you our friend. Here is to a wonderful year of beautiful things!

  6. The worst way to fail is not to try. You do your best on your end and risk someone not understanding your effort. Sometimes it is just opportunity that is not there. Best effort + small turnout = less impact. It does not mean the effort failed. I had posted about a christmas home sale near me and how they have been doing this for close to 20 years. They started small and the biggest reason for their turnout is word of mouth. They have a mailing list that they send a reminder card each year. You have 2-3 weeks to anticipate their sale. Only the past 3-4 years have they been doing a summer sale out of the garage.
    On a separate note the craft sale at the church festival near me doesn’t do well. Part of that is that many times people will spend $20 on an ornament in the store and balk at $5 at a craft show. You need people that see the value of handcrafted vs manufactured.

  7. I am learning that for me, many time failure is directly related to my own personal perception of what it means to be successful. Being a (reluctant) type A personality, it has been suggested that I alter my perceptions and expectations, and quit flogging myself. Naturally that’s easier said than done.

    That said, I think you are doing a fine job, and many of us out here look forward to your continued successes, and encouraging you along the way.