Easy Watercolor Art Using Painter’s Tape

 Easy Watercolor Art Using Painter's Tape

Sometimes a project should just be easy and simple.  So, last Saturday morning, we once again broke out the watercolor paints.  I kind of have a thing for watercolor paint these days.

There is just something so soft, ethereal and elementary about it.

And so, while my girl Peanut painted a picture of a doll (she is obviously more talented that I am!), I decided to try an easy canvas for our office gallery wall.

Easy Watercolor Art Using Painter's Tape

I has some old painter’s tape shaped in triangles.  And when I say old, I mean super old – like no chance of it actually sticking old.  I think they were meant for taping corners of windows.

I tried a corner of the canvas and the paint ran.  But then I decided I kind of liked it that way.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

So I taped off a pattern with the triangles – reminded me of a houndstooth pattern.

And then I randomly filled with different colors – let it dry, removed the tape and I was done.

Easy Watercolor Art Using Painter's Tape

I also did some other smaller ones, that didn’t make it on the wall (probably will hang them on the other side when it is finished) – just using regular painter’s tape and created a pattern.

This would be a really easy project to recreate with any type of pattern.

Easy Watercolor Art Using Painter's Tape

And that was it, a simple and quick craft to add some soft color to this corner of our office.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. So simple but beautiful! I am working on a project now that I needed to read those words (and soak in the thought) that “it doesn’t have to be perfect”. Thanks for sharing that with us. Peanut is quite the artist too!