Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Yesterday, I introduced you to my new friend.

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

I feel like he should have a name.  You can’t have a dapper hat and  not have a name.  Any thoughts?

And he wasn’t the only thing I painted gold.  There were pumpkins…

Easy Halloween Decorating

And bigger pumpkins, a paper mache skull,

Easy Pumpkin craft

And a couple of smaller skeletons.

Easy Halloweeen Decorating Ideas

And then the original item I planned to spray – the place card holders.  Honestly, I had no intention of spraying so much, but once I started I couldn’t stop.  I debated about spraying the skeleton, but then I figured, can you really go wrong with a gold skeleton?

 Easy Halloween Place Card Holder

So what did I use to create my elegantly spooky world?

Krylon’s 18kt. Gold Plate Spray.  This stuff rocked my world.  Covered easily, dried fast – and even the spray nozzle was very easy to use.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby and it was not very expensive – I think less than $6.00.   A little trick, don’t overly shake it, I kind of liked it better when it was a little mottled and uneven, it looked more like gold leafing – but a whole lot easier and quicker.

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

The pumpkins all started cheap and simple – styrofoam basics.  For the ones with patterns, I first used the 3D gloss enamels.  It is actually meant for glass which really didn’t matter.  The only problem was that it had a 72 hour drying time and I am not that patient with projects usually.  If you were to use it on glass, you bake it so the time is quick.  I didn’t think it would work too well to back a styrofoam pumpkin.

These pumpkins worked particularly well (I found them at The Christmas Tree Shops) because they have a decorative curled wire on the top.  That made it easy to hold the pumpkin while spraying and gave the place card a place to rest.  However, you could just place a place card right on top of the pumpkin as well.

Easy Halloween Decorations

For all of the placecards pumpkins I did a simple dot pattern with the 3D gloss enamel and that seemed to work best and just took a few minutes.  I tried different patterns on some of the other ones.   You simply draw on your pattern with the tip.

For a few of the pumpkins, the skeletons and the skull, I just used the Krylon spray.

Easy Halloween Craft Collage

Krylon did not pay me to do this post, I just am letting you know about their product because I really did like using it and would use it again.

Thanks so much for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas”


  1. So fun. I know Halloween gets a really bad rap with all the wackos in the world today but when I was growing up (can we just say mid century moderne?)it was my favorite holiday AND it was totally safe and contained because my dad was Military. This reminds me of the year he brought a full size skeleton home from the radiology dept. at the hospital. He set it up in the driveway and he and the neighbor took turns getting on the roof and being the “voice” of old Skelly scaring the beggebers out all of all my friends! Painting it all gold is such a fun (and less threatening) take on Halloween…thanks.

  2. What a great blog and post.
    I love everything about Halloween and just think your ideas are great!
    He does need a name …. hmmmmm …. How about Mr. Bones Dangle …. 😀

  3. Who would have thought gold would work for Halloween? To me it is more of a Christmas colour, but I think it works great with the black for your spooky theme. Great job!! I love it and I am going to paint some of the old gaudy orange decorations I have in the box. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Debbie 🙂

  4. Hey Laura,
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my mantel post. I love your gold touches this fall! Especially the “enchanting” mirror decor and these skeletons! You always wow me with your autumn and Christmas decorations! 🙂 Happy Fall!