Craft Room Storage Cabinet (Knocktoberfest!)

Ballard Designs Inspired Cabinet

Hello sweet friends!

If you are visiting from Brooke of All Things Thrifty and her amazing knockoff, welcome!

When Lindsay of Makely School for Girls invited me to be part of Knocktoberfest – I knew, somehow, some way, I was going to figure out a way to store my ribbon hoard and create a craft room storage cabinet.


It is true.

I am a ribbon hoarder!

And I have so many great ribbons thrown in random places and I can never find them when I need them.  I have had this cabinet in the basement sort of storing ribbon for a while now.

I already had mine, but you can find similar ones here.

Cabinet Before

When I began looking through for knockoff ideas, I saw this cabinet from Ballard Designs – and I knew what to do!ballard-CabinetI emptied out all the ribbon, and then sprayed the whole cabinet black.

We had a bunch of 1/4 plywood from another project, so we cut those down to the size of the fronts and then cut a piece of 1/2’” plywood for the top.

I stained the boards (I used this new product from Minwax – and they worked great).  Then I simply taped out the fronts and painted the squares with chalkboard paint.

The top is a board cut to the right size, stained and then just dropped into place.

The front of the wire drawers were angled, so we added a spacer to the back of the bottom of the boards so it would lay flat.  We attached the boards with screws and washers that grabbed onto the wire openings.

Craft Room Cabinet Tutorial

We added simple black hardware to the fronts of the drawers and we were done!

Craft Room Storage Cabinet

I have to do a major sort / purge / organize of my ribbon, so the ribbon collection is not in yet, but I think it is going to work out quite well.


Craft Room Ribbon Storage


And since I am bringing all of my wrapping supplies up here too, the top is the perfect place to wrap a quick present.

Craft Room Ribbon Storage



Ribbon Storage Cabinet

Oh, and if you are wondering about the “P” – well, I got on a “knockoff” roll and did that one too!

Ballard Designs Inspired Craft Room Cabinet

I will be sharing that tutorial Monday!

But in the meantime, head on over to Sarah M. Dorsey for her amazing knockoff – and make sure to stop by Lindsey’s for all of the inspiring projects.

If you would like to see the other project we have created for our never ending office / craft / homework space – here is what we have done so far…

Built In Desk


Desks from Vintage Doors


Hangout Area


So close to being done!  I just have to paint the craft storage cabinet and create the legs for a work table and it is a done deal!

Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing you a great day!


postsignature.pngP.S. Thanks so much for including me Lindsay!

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43 thoughts on “Craft Room Storage Cabinet (Knocktoberfest!)”


  1. Now that is a great knock off. I like your version even better then the PB one. Can’t wait to see how you made the P I have a thing for initials. I think I have an H ( for Helsel) in every room of our house. Did you also make the board it is hanging on? I’m looking for one about that size for our office but have had no luck fining one. I enjoy reading your blog you are such inspiration.

  2. I find it very impressive how you have managed to utilize the space in that room to the maximum. Each area you have shared is unique, pleasing to the eye and bright. The room has come together beautifully, and I would discribe it as high functioning and a “happy” room. Keep on amazing me with your inventive ideas!

  3. Fantastic! I too am a ribbon hoarder. It is all over my house. Stuck in random drawers and cabinets. There are just so many great ribbons, it’s hard not to buy just one more roll! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cabinet idea! Life to the full! Melissa

    1. As noted in my post below (above?) you can get these wire drawer thingies at the Container Store (Elfa) – but they are pricey. However, they are pretty sturdy so they are worth the $. Bed Bath and Beyond also has a version.

  4. I have this exact same storage basket thingie! It’s stored in the corner of my bonus room since it’s quite unsightly. I’m going to pull it out this weekend and get going on a redo. SImply wonderful idea!!

  5. i LOVE this! i have a wire cabinet just like you used but didn’t even recognize it until you showed the before. adding this to my to do list…looks so sturdy/classy/expensive

  6. Brilliant! I have THREE of these exact wire racks in my craft room. They dominate the space and are too sleek looking for the more vintage look I’d like to create. This is a great solution! Now I just have to empty them all and haul them downstairs to be painted….

    1. If you’re going for the vintage look…I painted mine with Annie Sloan chalk paint and it worked great. If put the dark wax over it it really gives it the shabby chic look.

  7. This is clever way to Get organized and keeping all the stuff at one place . Love you house and the way you decorated and organized.Learn lot new from this amazing post.Thanks for sharing clever and creative ideas to do some serious organization.

  8. Laura this is fabulous!! Although now I might have to hang my head in shame about all of the rolls of ribbons I have stuffed into drawers in the laundry room. LOL! Well done girl! 🙂

  9. This is genius!!! So cool, I want to sweep the whole thing up and stick it in my house. Now if we could just swap the P out with an R… 🙂

  10. Knockoff?! This is above the level of knockoff. People could knock-off your knockoff – that looks professional!
    You rock on with your bad self!

    ~Denton (the one who missed out on Chapel Market)

  11. Love this project! What exactly did you use as spacers to make the front of the drawer flat before attaching plywood? And do you think the wire drawer unit slides nicely enough and is durable enough to use for kids’ clothing? Thanks for sharing.

  12. How did you attach the screws and washers so that you don’t see them through the front of the plywood? You only see them attached to the inside of the drawer.

    1. Kim – the screws with the washers enter from the back (inside the basket) as you said, and aren’t long enough to come out the front. Measure to ensure your screws will end up buried in the plywood and not penetrate the front. Not sure you’ll see this post since it’s 3 years late!

  13. This is so great. I have an elfa storage piece that just isn’t as pretty as when I first got it and this is just the sprucing up it needs! Can’t wait to do this!

  14. Ok this is beyond cool. I worked at the Container Store for a year and think I recognize the Elfa drawers? I had already painted mine (I used Annie Sloan chalk paint for a vintage finish and it worked like a charm) but I HAVE to make these fronts. And by “I” I mean my husband lol. Thanks so much.

  15. OMG! I inherited some of those and bought some more. That is such a cute and clever idea! I am going to have to do something like that because that white wire just looks so utilitarian while your little makeover makes it cute and still useful! I probably will have to add dowels to keep ribbons in place since I have a bad habit of just stuffing things and dowels would make the ribbons easier to pull rather than just take out to be stuffed back later. Not sure I have enough ribbon to fill all of it, but I have plenty of other “stuff” I can do it with!