The Craft Room and Home Office Are Done!

If you are joining me the first time from I Heart Organizing – Welcome!  I am so glad you came by!

The day has finally come.  We are officially done.

Our craft room and home office are done and being used.

By all four of us.



Bailey has been hanging out here too.

Vintage-Craft-Room-Home-Office copy

It has been many months of lots of projects and DIY.  I actually realized this morning that the only new thing in here are the rugs and the legs on the desks.

Everything else is vintage or we had it or made it.

And I kinda love that.


The built in desk is in full use with our girls.  A few of the “pretty things” have been replaced with text books.  And the blotters have math notes on them.

The pink chairs are from Ikea.


And that is just what I wanted.  The whole goal, from the beginning, was for a place to work, a hangout area, a homework area and a craft space.  A place for everyone to do what they wanted, but not be separated from each other.

We built our desks from doors.


We hacked an Ikea table top and made a craft table.

To see the updates we have made to our craft table to organize it even better, please visit our Craft Table Organization Tips.


We made a hangout space.  Complete with a gallery wall and Sharpie art coffee table with one of our favorite songs on it.


And we filled it with some of our favorite things – including my fabulous truck from The Chapel Market.


But I think the best way to illustrate how far we have come is the dreaded befores.  This space was so unused and where all things went to wait for a new home.


Office Before 1




office before 2



We used every square inch as best as we could.

And we love it.

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27 thoughts on “The Craft Room and Home Office Are Done!”


  1. This may be one of my favorite rooms yet! Gives me inspiration for re-doing our basement and making each inch or foot count down there as well! Great job!

  2. wow, such an amazing room…every girl’s (family’s) dream space. lots of great work spaces, storage and just the right amount of fun, whimsical stuff!

  3. WOW! You certainly made use of every morsel of space in this area. Not only does it look fantastic, it has become an amazingly efficient spot for a multitude of purposes. Very impressive and well thought out plan. You should go into the business of organizing folks on a small budget. Well done!

  4. It’s fabulous, Laura. I love how you utilized every square inch but that it does not looked cluttered. What a wonderfully purposeful space you have created for your family! LOVE IT.

  5. Laura, I just want to say you did a fabulous job. I know it was hard work and took dedication on your part, but it was worth it. It looks wonderful! 🙂

  6. Hi! I just found your amazing office via I Heart Organizing’s feature. What a beautiful space! Do you mind me asking where the black & white striped rug is from? I love it!

  7. Ok I obsessed. I love the black and white with the pop of pink chairs. Could you tell me where they are from? I am moving soon and will be setting up a new office and that chair is PERFECT.


  8. Could you please tell me if you made the white cubbie hole organizers on your desk or purchased them from somewhere? This is one of the most amazing spaces I have ever seen, love, love it. You have given me many wonderful ideas for my office/sewing makeover. If you made it could you share the dimensions? It looks perfect. Thank you,

  9. It is AWESOME! Great space. I’ve been looking for a desktop (not hutch) but something similar to what is on the two desks by the wall. Do you recall where they came from? Thank you!

  10. Such a great blog with amazing ideas! Where did you get the white desktop shelves? This whole room is a great inspiration!