Colorful Vintage Screened Porch

Vintage screened porch

Our backyard was once unused and unloved.

But now our porch lives where the blue tarp was.

Vintage screened porch

Now it is a place we spend a lot of time together with family and friends.

Vintage screened porch

If you follow Hometalk on Facebook, you saw a sneak peak, but as part of Takin’ It Outdoors Week, today I wanted to share it here.

 Vintage screened porch

We eat, play a lot of Banagrams, relax and may take a nap or two out here.

Twister is out here but we haven’t played that one yet!

Vintage screened porch

I found the vintage furniture last year in pretty rough shape.  You read about the whole process here.

Originally, I was going to keep things very simple, clean and similar color palette to inside our home.

Vintage screened porch

But as you can see – a desire for color won out and I am so happy for it.

Vintage screened porch

With the whole area being screened – candles are able to used for “ambience” as opposed to citronella which a welcomed change.

Vintage screened porch

My favorite time is in the evening as it starts to get a little cooler – so I was sure to have lots of vintage and cozy quilts for wrapping up.

Vintage screened porch, vintage quilts

We currently have an old table in here – which I love – but it is a little smaller than I would like.  I would love to be able to get more people around the table.  We actually bought the rough-hewn lumber last year for building our own, but we are just trying to find the time we are making sure the wood is dry.

 Vintage screened porch

(The tutorial for the wicker chandelier can be found here.)

And there is still an open space for a “hopefully some day” bed / sofa/ swing.

In case you are wondering, the blue cushions on the chairs are from Walmart last year and the striped ones on the sofa are from Walmart this year.  The folding blue and red chairs around the table are from Kmart last year, but I am pretty sure they had them again this year.

I will post more on finding cushions for vintage outdoor furniture soon.

 Vintage screened porch

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29 thoughts on “Colorful Vintage Screened Porch”


  1. When I first saw your porch I instantly fell in love…in am more in love when seeing more detail of the gorgeous porch. So many wonderful vintage items….I love that fantastic beam in the ceiling! Such an inviting and ever so happy place to be!!….You have done such a magnificent job decorating the porch….

  2. That porch has my name written ALL over it! I can’t wait to wrap myself in those cozy quilts next weekend! Great job my friend! xoxo

  3. Laura,

    You have done such a great job with the porch. I can’t imagine being out there without having your spirits lifted with all the magnificant colors to cheer you up. You are very talented…keep up the great, creative work.


  4. That’s very pretty Laura. I can appreciate the high ceiling, which adds to the airy feeling. Also like the dolphin 🙂
    Have a great day,

    adb in DC

  5. Wow Laura! Your porch looks like a photo shoot for Country Living….very lovely. I’m sure you will have many happy memories with friends and family there. Blessings.

  6. Laura,
    Your porch is so cheerful and cozy. I am impressed that you can make it so beautiful with items from so many places. That really shows talent and makes it not an “out of the catalog look”. \
    Such a wonderful place for a summer party or for the kids to have friends over.

  7. Hello! Your blog has inspired me, and given me fresh ideas. I love the porch but have always wondered about humidity and rain ruining things. What is the secret?

  8. Laura, this is beautiful … so inviting! I used to have a favorite porch, but to be honest it was really, really unattainable (at least for me). Yours seems to be something us average folks might one day be able to achieve … even if, perhaps, on a smaller scale. It is now my favorite and I thank you for giving me something new to add to my dream list!

  9. Love the grain scoop with the candle! Amazing how your mind works…so looking for those folding chairs!! Great times ahead for you…God Bless.

  10. I love your cheerful inviting screened porch! A screened porch and an outdoor shower are two things I’d like in a dream home. I feel in love with the town of Lakeside Ohio that sits next to Lake Erie….lots and lots of “grandma cottages” with screened porches where neighbors share visits and family games win over tv and electronics. It is heaven on earth! We plan to rent a cottage there for a summer vacation again. Lucky you to have your own heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing : )

  11. I am getting ready to add a screened in porch and saw yousr and love it! I would like to know what the dimensions of the porch are. Such a beautiful back yard!

  12. Wow! What an amazing porch. I see screened in porches all the time, but the size and design of this one remind you things can be done a different way!
    Love spending time on the porch.
    Thanks for sharing your renovation 🙂