Christmas Jammies in Our Family Room

Christmas Decorating Fireplace

This time of year, I find myself really thinking about Christmas from my childhood.

That feeling that was so tangible, the excitement – the fun – the lack of pressure!

Christmas Family Room at Finding Home

Now as an adult AND a parent – that changes.

Slowly, but surely there is a tangible change.

Christmas Sidetable

Now we are the adults – our lives are already busy, then you add all that comes with Christmas – well, you know what it is like.

But, for kids – it is still meant to be all about the fun.  Right?

Christmas Angels

So imagine how I felt when I realized my 12 year old was seriously stressed about shopping for her friends for Christmas.

That just didn’t seem right.

In the end, she found a really sweet and appropriate idea (maybe we will share it here!) and the stressed melted away.

Christmas Noel Sidetable

But it was a little bit of a wake-up call for me to make sure that my “hustle and bustle” doesn’t take anything away from them.

FH Family Room Sidetable

I had thought about instilling a new rule in our house for this year, but I wasn’t sure if I would have the courage.

But now, I have decided I do.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Candle wm

Our tradition is that we go to church on Christmas Eve and then have my sister, parents, my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin for dinner on Christmas.

Finding Home Christmas Nativity

We all wear our Christmas best for church, of course.

And then in the morning, we open our stockings and presents.

FH Family Room Stocking

And then everyone rushes around to get dressed in the Christmas best again.

We hang out in our family room, all decked out for the day – so we should be decked out right?


Not this year.

Christmas Family Room Decorations

This year there will be a new option.

Christmas Natural Decorating


My mother may not like it, or maybe she will.  And while my Aunt will find my girl’s cute in their jams, she may find it odd that I am in mine.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel WM rs

But that is okay – because the real goal is to have a relaxed Christmas, with all of us together, enjoying a nice meal and trying to focus on the REAL purpose of the holiday.

So, how about you, do you have a jammie option at your house?

If you would like to see our full Christmas home tour, please visit here.

All of these photos were taken by the lovely Erin Witkowski of Eve’s Wish Photography

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30 thoughts on “Christmas Jammies in Our Family Room”


  1. Can I join you?? 😉 I think that sounds like such a fabulous idea Laura and the start of a new tradition. We definitely stay in our jammies as long as possible at our house too although if we have to leave the house we do put actual clothes on. LOL! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  2. Great idea! This past weekend we went on the Polar Express train here in NH and we all wore our jammies! My grandsons loved it. We even went out to dinner afterwards in our jammies. Got a few wierd looks but it was so much fun.

  3. My husband and I always spend Christmas in our pjs. We don’t have any family close by so it’s usually just the two of us and we have a relaxing, quiet day together. We even have our turkey dinner on Christmas Eve so we don’t have to cook or anything. It’s fantastic! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

  4. I had to drop in to tell you that I absolutely love your home. You have achieved that perfect balance: comfortable and inviting while still displaying vintage items you love in a family setting. I was cruising through The Old Painted Cottage and their “Cottage of the Month.” I just glimpsed at the main picture and chose yours as the most appealing to me…what a wonderful surprise when I clicked on the link! Thank you for sharing your home and ideas with us!

  5. That is similar to how I grew up ….. Christmas Eve, big Polish party with no meat, plenty of fish and pierogis, and all dressed to the nines. Midnight Mass, then home to bed. Spent Christmas Day in our sweats or pjs. Had a nice meal at noon and the afternoon we’d put out desserts on the table and neighbors, friends and relatives could stop by, but we were totally in our sweats/pjs. And it was just fine!! Everyone was too busy noshing on my Mom’s incredible desserts to judge 🙂

  6. Christmas Eve is when my house is full Christmas Day it’s just us and my mom and we stay in our jammies all day too, love it!! Beautiful photos Laura!

  7. We have done this for the past 3-years and LOVE it! We spend the entire day in jammies on Christmas. It is relaxed, it is comfortable, it is wonderful 🙂 Granted, I end up in 2-pairs of jammies over the course of the day (the pair I slept in and the pair I wear after my shower). It is definitely my favorite ‘new’ tradition!! Have fun with it – you won’t turn back!

  8. Oh Please share your idea for your daughter’s gifts! My 13 yr old wants to buy for seven of her friends! love the Jammie idea, my 3 girls wore theirs all day last Christmas. 🙂 Maybe we should all do the same.

  9. Hi Laura,
    Just discovered your wonderful website. Full of great ideas and beautiful photos. Last year I had a jammies xmas due to feeling poorly with coughs and colds and it was THE most relaxed xmas of all. Definately doing it again this year minus the germs hopefully!!

  10. We do a version of this at our house. Every year, we open our stockings and presents at our house and then head over to my mother-in-law’s house for breakfast and our gift exchange. We either go there in sweatpants or our jammies. The kids love it and we don’t feel like we have to get all dressed up to enjoy the day! We do eventually get dressed but we keep it pretty casual. 🙂

  11. Hi Laura! Ever since I was a child, my siblings and I received new pj’s on Christmas Eve, which we would promptly put on and wear to bed. We would continue to wear them well into Christmas Day, usually changing in time for dinner. That is a tradition I have carried through with my children. We always go to Christmas Eve mass, and then come home for a nice dinner. After that, it is fun for the kids to open up their new jammies, squeal with delight and run to put them on. Because we live in snowy, cold Canada, flannel or fleece are the material of choice. I always host Christmas dinner, so I change into clothes that are more suitable for cooking. I would hate to get my new jammies all dirty! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I haven’t been a reader of your blog for very long but it is fast becoming a favourite.

  12. We always stay home and wear our jammies all day, it is wonderful! One year there wasn’t even any cooking, just lots of salads and a ham and breads for sandwiches, it was left out to munch on all day, my favorite Christmas ever! When I was a child I grew up in a divorced home so the day was spent running from one place to the next. I decided I wanted something different for my kids so we have always had very laid back Christmas at our home. Love it!

  13. The jammie option is a daily option for my youngest daughter, she runs in after school and immediately changes into her jammies. I think I shall join you and stay in my jammies as well I know I will have company with at least 3 out of 4 kids. We do the same with mass Christmas eve and home for Christmas. We are very laid back so why not kick it up a notch.

  14. I find a great idea if everyone jumps the wagon.
    Last year we went to Christmas Day Lunch at my husband’s nephew home and, without any notice, the nephew, his wife and two kids were in their jammies. I found it odd (and ok once I got over the “Geez, got here too early, they’re not even dressed” ahahah) but my kids felt a bit embarassed and freaked out (a bit)… it took a while for them (us) to turn the episode into laughing matter (and when it did, it was hillarious) but they felt it was an imposed intimacy without them being consulted…
    I wouldn’t do it in my home but I find sweet that you and others do, just give the guests the courtesy of knowing they’re going to find that informal atmosphere.
    Enjoy! And think in suggesting Crafts to Precious Girl; instead of shopping if she plans in advance and do the gifts herself it will give her power over the work progress… with a Mum like you, she’ll Ace the Gifts and avvoid the (unnecessary) stress.

  15. Aww! I tried to get my family to do this several years ago. We had one granddaughter at the time, and I thought it would make it fun for her, but NONE of the adults would participate. Made me sad! We do, however, all wear Christmas socks.

  16. What a great idea! We hang our in our pj’s until after noon and then get dressed in casual clothes to spend the evening with relatives. It’s been our tradition since my sons were born and it’s so much fun to know that we don’t need to rush to get dressed! Have FUN…that’s the best part of the holiday with family! xo

  17. LOVE IT….I buy my 5 kiddos new Christmas Eve Jammies every year. This year it’s actually funny holiday tee’s from 5 below and colored sweats they can use after the holidays. They take our holiday card pic in them too…and we all hang out in them all day. You will love it.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful….joyous and COMFORTABLE day!

    Lucky 7 Design

  18. My husband, myself, son and daughter in law spent Christmas Day in PJ’s last year. Great comfortable day! We opened gifts when we all got up and then we had our lunch, watched ball games (or slept) and even took all our pictures in our PJ’s. The women did put on a little make-up. But that’s basically the way our day went. No big oh la la! Just a great family Christmas!

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