Christmas Decorating Ideas: Holiday Housewalk Tour


Fa, la, la, la ,la – la, la, la, laaahhhhh!

It is finally one of my favorite weeks in blogging – Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk where I get to share all of the Christmas decorating ideas that have been forming in my head for weeks!

This is my second year participating, and just like last year, I am in the company of some incredibly talented bloggers.

If you are joining us here for the first time, I am Laura and this blog is the stories of our journey to making our home a reflection of our family – and what we find along the way.

If you are starting here, please stop by Dear Lillie, the stop before me.

Isn’t her style amazing?

dear lillie

And, to see the tour from the start and follow along with each stop – visit Jen Rizzo for the whole fun tour.

And without further adieu, welcome to our home!


This year I kept things simple – Reds, evergreens and touches of black and white.

And I couldn’t be happier with how it came together.


But truth be told, I have my daughter to thank for most of it.

When I first explained to her what my plans were for the mantel – there were no reds.

Just greenery and white candles.


To which she replied, “But you have to have red for Christmas”.

And as much as I loved my neutral decor last year, for this year, I had to agree.


And that approach carried all the way through.





You can find all of the details on our tree here, and you can also get the details on my 1-minute DIY ornaments and my “no-painting” chalkboard ornaments – no artistic talent required!


And yes, I did cut the antlers off a plastic deer and glue them to my cow.

Doesn’t everyone do that?




Our table setting was super simple this year as well.   And again – I will be sharing more on it later this week – all the details, including resources on how to create a similar look.




I kept things simple and bright in the kitchen.

The “Merry” letters are simply  chipboard letters from the craft store painted with red paint.






I hung our Advent calendar on the side of the cabinet and our children have been enjoying taking out a note each morning already.

At a friend’s suggestion, I have included some “coupons”.  Their first one was a free pass to not unload the dishwasher.  They were pretty excited with that one.


Our table has a paper chalkboard table runner.  I used a chalk ink pen and wrote out as much of “The Night Before Christmas” as I could fit.

That is a really long poem.


 The rosemary plant from our outdoor fall decorating was brought inside and placed in a sugaring bucket with a red burlap ribbon.


 And our side table and gallery wall were updated with some simple greenery and ornaments and my collection of Christmas figurines – both new and vintage.



I hope you enjoyed “visiting” our home.

Still to share – or living room and entry, the office all decked out for Christmas and the newly beautiful front porch.  So make sure to stop on back.

Of course – the truth is – I also need to finish all those spaces as well.

In the meantime, you can see all of our holiday projects here – and then head on to the next stop…

Stop by to see Courtney from French Country Cottage.

Look at this kitchen!


I can promise you that her decorating will blow you away, she is crazy talented.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and happy decorating!

Thanks so much for reading!



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94 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating Ideas: Holiday Housewalk Tour”


  1. Laura, your home looks wonderful so cheery and bright. The cow is so cute! You are always a great inspiration to me.
    Have a great day.

  2. I LOVE it, Laura! It is all beautiful. I have chosen pops of red this year too and noticed others doing the same. I guess we all like our Christmas colours. Love the antlered cow and the chalkboard table runner. You have so many great ideas! Pamela

  3. I am blown away by your photography and how incredibly beautiful everything is. I LOVE your style. Such a gorgeous home, not house 🙂 . I cant imagine a lovelier home on the tour. My first stop has been amazing. Merry Christmas

  4. Laura, your home is always one of my favorites on the Holiday House walks tour. I love the pops of red and that you mixed some vintage décor along with the new. Your table setting was so pretty yet simple and clean looking especially with the fresh greenery. I have to find out where you got those little square glass vases on the dining room table.

  5. LOVE it! Doesn’t look forced just calm and like it just occurred quite naturally with our any stress at all. 😉 Over the moon for the black steer/deer.

  6. Love the small table holding the cow deer. Have been looking for something for our new house. Would you mind sharing where you got it or the manufacturer? Thanks.

  7. Laura, your home looks amazing! I LOVE the cow with the deer antlers! Your home is so pretty and welcoming! Thank you so much for opening your home and being a part of the tour!!!!

  8. Laura, you have such a beautiful home and everything looks very Merry and Bright. I love how you decorated your kitchen, it is perfect.

  9. That is so beautiful! Can I ask where you got the white candlesticks for the mantel? Ours is sadly narrow but think I can get candlesticks on it & yours is such an inspiration.

  10. Sigh….gorgeous…simply gorgeous! Laura you amaze me and looking at the photos of your home feels like flipping the pages of my favorite magazine. You welcomed Christmas in grand style and everything is stunning!

  11. so many things i love here!!
    the family portrait featuring your legs & boots…way too cute!
    red is my favorite color & i adore all the touches!
    the chalkboard runner…slamdunk!!

  12. Your home is absolutely beautiful, I love the light & how you can actually “see” everything, it’s not cluttered, it’s just right!

    Am totally inspired by your Christmas table & might even steal your centrepiece ideas, love those!

    LOVE the chalkboard runner, that is wonderful!

    Great job on the decorating, very inspiring.

    Merry Christmas from London, England 🙂

  13. Love it! I’m partial to red and green at Christmas and you’ve made it all looks so cozy, inviting and stunning all at the same time. Also happy to know I’m not the only one still working on finishing a few areas around the house. This late Thanksgiving has me thrown for a loop! 🙂

  14. Hello!
    What a gorgeous and inviting home. Thank you for opening the doors to us. Do you have a tutorial on the red and tan grain sack pillow that says “Happy Holidays”? I would love one in my home if it’s possible.
    Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

  15. adore your home.
    the red packs an amazing punch!
    you’ve spared no detail…it’s gorgeous.

    love the believe sign above the mantle.
    love the rosemary in the bucket.
    love the MERRY in your kitchen.
    LOVE it all.

  16. Laura, every detail is simply gorgeous! The touches of red in the kitchen are perfection. Festive but not “too much”. I have to admit though, the Cowdeer is my favorite thing. Too cute!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

  17. Well, I finally made it over here and I’m so glad I did! I could not have gone to bed with out seeing your beautiful tour and it did not disappoint!! Every bit of it is gorgeous Laura!! Great job and I’m pretty sure you’ve started a new trend with the Cowdeer (or maybe it’s a ReinCow?) and all… you know everyone is going to want one now!

  18. Please tell your daughter she is brilliant. Your home wouldn’t be the same without those touches of red! It was all gorgeous…like straight out of BH&G.

  19. Love everything about this. Love the chalk board above the fireplace and the fresh greenery in the kitchen. I would love to know where you found the measuring cup set. Beautiful home!

    Happy Holidays!

  20. Your home looks beautiful and very inviting. I love all of your Lori Mitchell figurines. I have a few Christmas ones, but I mostly collect the Halloween trick-or-treaters. I love your pillows. Where did you find them? Thanks for the tour.

  21. Love your décor…perfect touches of red and black(which I would not have thought to incorporate…love)!! Where did you find your two holiday pillows? I love, love those!! You have given me so many ideas!! Merry Merry Christmas!!

  22. Oh my goodness, your home is fabulous all dressed for Christmas! I even saw some new spots in your home I have never seen before 🙂 Merry Christmas to you

  23. Hi Laura, Oh my! Beautiful, sweet, lovely, charming, and gorgeous come to mind when I see your home. Too much to comment on … the black, white, and red tree is just perfect! Happy Holidays!

  24. Laura your home is so beautiful, I love all of your touches & seeing it all decked out for the holidays:). I want your kitchen!!! And just love that Believe sign, it is simple & perfect. Amazing tour! Happy Holidays to you & your family!

  25. Hi Laura, This is my first time visiting but I was over at Karianne’s and she said that you wouldn’t mind my company. I love your home, decorating, and your cowdeer. I pinned it and wrote that only a person with a great imagination could come up with that idea 🙂 Merry Christmas and I hope you don’t mind if I become a regular visitor.

  26. Laura I am here from Kariannes post today. What a heartfelt post that was. There really is nothing like the friendship of another woman. I fell in love with Karianne the minute I met her! She is such a sweet and kind person you both are lucky to have each other!! Merry Christmas.

  27. OH my goodness! I am in love with everything Laura!! I could move into your house and be totally in decorating heaven. So my style ! Stopping by from Thistlewood today and a big hello from your wonderful friend over there! Karianne is amazing and I can see how the two of you are heart friends!

  28. Here from Thistlewood and just wanted to say i will be spending the rest of the day reading everything you have ever posted and drooling over your pictures. Also I love “reindeer cow” smooches for “reindeer cow”! However now I feel bad he doesn’t have a real moniker. Is that weird? Do I need to start a petition to name him? Do you have a name already picked out? I must know, I am worried about Mr. no-name, I say Mr cause he is wearing a blue scarf and has antlers. 🙂

  29. I am so glad Karianne introduced me to your blog! Love, love, love your decorating style – and I have to confess, I am coveting that hutch . . . and the reindeer cow . . . and that awesome thyme plant! 🙂 I’ll be visiting again! Merry Christmas from Kentucky!

  30. RED!!!! Yes, is there any other color? So enjoyed the visit.
    Where do I buy or HOW do I make the paper chalkboard???????
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Happy Holidays

  31. Merry Christmas Laura!!! I read your blog so I have seen this beautiful tour of your home, but I had to come back by and tell you how blessed you and Karianne are to have such a sweet friendship. A blog post completely about your friendship… That’s soooooo much better than a card or gift. Enjoy your Christmas!!!

  32. Laura, I’ve been blogging a long time, and I know quite a few bloggers. . . but I think I’ve also been in a bit of a blogging “rut,” just visiting the same blogs over and over and not venturing out much. Today, though, I read Karianne’s post about you, and how could I not click over here? Your house looks absolutely beautiful decorated for Christmas! Your daughter was right, I think–it wouldn’t be Christmas without red! And you’ve used it just perfectly. I will be reading your regularly from now on, and I’m happy to meet you!

  33. Miss Laura, your talent and the peace in your heart shows through in every single touch. Your home is inviting, comfortable, liveable, peaceful, beautiful, it breathes joy! I’m glad you added the red touches and love the cowdeer with the added ‘scarf’. Do you remember the font you used to to make the “Believe” chalkboard? It has the right mix of whimscal and grace. I’d love to use it for my own creations! Thanks for letting us into your home during such a busy time of the year, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  34. Laura, everything looks so nice. Do you know what a lucky girl you are to have that gorgeous stove – love it! Where did you find the decorative ladder you have in your living room? I often see ladders in people’s blogs but never in stores. May be more common in U.S. – I’m in Canada.

  35. Hi, I posted earlier and asked this question, but never got an answer….does anyone know the name of the font that’s used on the “Believe” chalkboard sign? I’d love to fiund out! Isn’t it beautiful???

  36. Laura,

    I did find where you’d given the name of the font you used for the Believe chalkboard on your mantle, and I appreciate that info. I also noticed that o the 6th, you mentioned that your family was focusing on the word during the season; that you were all going through something that was causing you to stay focused on the heart — the basis — of the season so I wll keep you and your family in my prayers that your focus is always right where it needs to be in order to see miracles from God throughout the year. God bless you and hold you near.

  37. Gorgeous!! And such wonderful ideas! May I ask what type of kitchen counter tops you have? Granite? And if so, what is the name of the granite. THANK YOU!

  38. hi. So lovely! Does that happen to be Bianco Romano granite? Also: like/dislike your stainless apron front sink? Thanks!

  39. Laura,
    I adore your Christmas Decorating Ideas, dear one!!!
    I’m using red and white stripe for Christmas 2016!!!
    Your centerpiece with ornaments and fresh greenery caught my eye as did the chalkboard with NOEL!!!
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design!!!

  40. It’s all beautiful. I am wondering where you got your living room sofa from, though, especially, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, please.

  41. You have a lovely home. Have seen your blog from time to time and always like what you do. Great taste. It’s funny how you mentioned red and your daughter. All the blogs I look at I just love but I noticed most are neutral. While it looks soft and serene, Sometimes I just want to see some red. It’s Christmas after all! Well done.

  42. Ha ha ha! @ doesn’t everyone put antlers on their cow? Kudos for the reds this year; I know it wouldn’t be Christmas at our house without it!