The Chapel Market – Southern Hospitality at Its Best



Another Chapel Market is on the books and it was a good one!  If you don’t know what Chapel Market is, well, it is a vintage market hosted by a community in Pike Road, Alabama,  all of which happens in and around the prettiest chapel you ever did see.  Layla, of The Lettered Cottage is the gracious lady who invited myself and KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms to share a booth together.

Here was our booth.  It was mostly Kari’s stuff as she drove, but I shipped my syrup and a few treasures down.  It was my first chance to be face to face sharing our syrup and our story and I was met with gracious open arms.






This market was much easier and more enjoyable than last year for one simple reason – Kari’s oldest son joined us and HE is the true rock star.  Not only did he do all the grunt work getting us set up and taken down in the booth, he also set up an amazing inventory and check-out system that made everything easier.  But more so, he was truly one of the most impressive young men I have ever spent time with.




I arrived Thursday and I was able to take a tour around the neighborhood with our gracious host, Kathy.  This neighborhood is truly like something out of a movie and my tour, of course, occurred in a golf cart.  It seems that is a necessary item to live in this neighborhood.  I loved it so much I may need to move.

Here is a view of the chapel from the lake just waiting for us all to fill it the next day.






One of my favorite parts is seeing how the space transforms.  Each vendor is offering similar products, but yet each offering and booth is so different and  still compliments the others.  This is what the chapel looked like as we were all beginning to set up.




Selling my syrup was a great experience and such good company to do it in.  But, truly, the best part about Chapel Market is the people.  Seriously, the southern hospitality lives up to its hype.   I was treated with such kindness and generosity the entire weekend.  Of course, it all starts with the lovely Layla.  She is just as amazing as you think she will be.






People from the community and surrounding areas showed us such kindness in bringing us meals, snacks and drinks.  I am not talking about something simple, I am talking about full-on spreads.  I can not leave out these cuties who were selling cocoa and coffee.  Not pictured is their handsome partner who was busy running about inviting everyone for cocoa in his outfit straight out a Crew Cuts catalog.




You may have read about the “ladies” before.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all of them, but everyone was so busy in different spaces.  Jenny and Kathy are not only great friends but they are sisters-in-law as well.  Kathy and her husband invited us into their home for three nights, helped me with transportation to and from the airport and provided and planned our meals.  All that, and she had only met me on two occasions!  That is true southern hospitality.

Sometimes you just meet people and they get right into your heart.  That is definitely the case with these ladies and I am so thankful that they have.  They are truly a blessing.






This adorable lady made my whole day.  She is a reader who came to our booth and was so incredibly sweet to me.  Pardon the over-smiling I am doing but she was just too kind!





There was never a moment that was not filled entertainment as my days were filled with these two.  Not only was a joy to meet Kari’s son, but to see them together was priceless.





When it gets right down to it, I really don’t like leaving home.  I like to stay put with my family.  But, I know it is so good for me.  My favorite time of the whole weekend was the evening conversations.  Meeting new people, getting to know others better.




It also didn’t hurt that I woke up each morning to this view outside of my beautiful view.    Does it get any better than that?




And just when you think it can’t get any better, the sun rose a little more and lit up the moss in the trees.




Truly, southern hospitality at its best.

P.S. Are you planning on displaying some hospitality this holiday season?  If you missed my Joss & Main sale, no worries!  The lovely Yvonne of Stonegable is hosting a new one this week.  Stop by!


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12 thoughts on “The Chapel Market – Southern Hospitality at Its Best”


  1. We love the south — that’s why we keep going back. It is so easy to meet new people and make lasting friends. I so wish I could have been there just to visit with all of you. I really feel like I know so many of you. Well, after all, you’ve invited me inside your homes and graciously entertained. You’ve even offered me snacks. Now how hospitable is that!!

  2. Laura, I was there, but when I got in the door there were so many people, I did not get to meet you! Your booth was adorable. So happy you enjoyed our “neck of the woods” and were met with the gentleness and joy I have known my whole life living in Alabama! We may be rednecks sometimes, but we are nice rednecks, for the most part! Can’t wait for next year!

  3. I have to say.. from all the way North in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. that I really enjoyed reading this post this morning. This is the sort of community that would be so lovely to live in. And I can just imagine how fun it would be to show up and meet the two of you at once and have the opportunity to shop your booth! What fun!!

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit!!! Thank you for the kind words about the South …. Wishing you a fabulous day from Alabama!

  5. Laura,
    What a gorgeous setting and your booth looked amazing! I talked my hubby into taking me to the City Farmhouse Barn show in Franklin, TN several weeks ago and the show was just outstanding. It was a long ride from VA to TN but well worth it. I understand that KariAnne was there but I never ran into her. However, I did get to meet the super nice Linda from Coastal Charm and visit her fabulous booth. I ended up buying the cutest metal chicken feeder from her and she mentioned she would be doing the Chapel Market as well.

  6. Laura,

    This is such a great post! I read KariAnne’s post as are both Rock Stars to me and I so enjoy following your blogs! How neat that you shared a booth! And meeting Layla, EVERYONE talks about how NICE she is!! I would love to meet her. I’m a little like you, not so good with leaving home and meeting new people. Maybe one day. I live in the Midwest but I do know that Southern Hospitality well. We bought a condo in Asheville last year and we just love going. In fact, we live on Saturday for a week to see all that gorgeous fall foliage! Someday I hope we can use that as a starting point to go to some of these events.

    Thanks for the great post (love all your pictures…you have THE greatest smile!).

    Jane xx

  7. That’s really a slice of heaven, isn’t it?! You and KariAnne (and your booth) are adorable. Would have loved to have been there but, alas, a bit too far from NC.

  8. The Pike Road area has changed so much since we lived there!
    Our first church right after seminary was there….back in 2000!!!

    So cool to see the growth and beauty! Glad you had a great weekend!

  9. It was great chatting with you for a few minutes, Laura. Looking forward to ordering some syrup as it was/is a HIT in our waffle and pancake loving household! Glad you ventured down South. I like being home, as well, but sometimes, that little adventure is so good for us. Hopefully I’ll see you again next year!

  10. Love love this post!! Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place. I so hope that I can make it there one year…October always seems to be such a busy time here. It looks like you had a fun time! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.