Chalkboard Table Runner – The Night Before Christmas


What is about The Night Before Christmas?

I am quite certain that we are not the only family that reads it aloud every year on Christmas Eve.  And we will continue to do so no matter how old the girls are.

So I guess that was what I was thinking about when I made this chalkboard table runner.


My daughter pulled up the words on her phone and read them aloud to me as I wrote them down.

Of course, it is a very long poem, so we didn’t actually get very far.


The paper comes in a large roll from Hester & Cook kitchen papers.  As of right now, they do seem to be sold out online, but I know their products are offered at many stores – and I am sure it will come back in stock.

I used a chalk ink pen (affiliate link)  to write it and it only took about 10 minutes.


I see many future table runners in my future, and I may even use it to wrap some presents.


Now dash away, dash away dash away all!

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Thanks so much for reading!


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13 thoughts on “Chalkboard Table Runner – The Night Before Christmas”


  1. When I saw it on the home tour….I meant to tell you I LOVE how it turned out! You go girl! And I just found those chalk pens too….they make writing so much easier!

    Happy, happy day to you!

    1. Did you just press the paper chalkboard down and write? Details, please. They are back in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Tell us about the box!!! Please.

  2. Absolutely love this, Laura. I bought a contact chalkboard paper from Michael’s to use for a graduation party and for people to write on. The roll wasn’t very long as I remember. The teacher supply idea above is a good one, too!

  3. Tell us the process for using the chalkboard paper – details, please.
    It is back in stock! Where do I find the chalk pen?
    Tell us more about the box!!! Thank you.