Brimfield Schemes & Galvanized Dreams


Hello sweet friends.  Do you have a cup of something yummy to drink so you can sit back and relax?  This is a long one today, so much to share with you!

I just returned from a quick trip to Brimfield, MA to attend the Brimfield Antiques Show.  One of my dearest friends in the whole world has blessed me with a nice long visit, and the first thing we did was head to the show!

Before I go into too much detail about that, I wanted to quick share a project that was just finished around here.  Our rock wall was original to the property, but had fallen down many years ago.  For 14 years we have tried to figure out how to take the project on for ourselves, but this year, we admitted defeat and hired a very sweet company to do it for us.

The seed just went down today, so it will look even better soon, but the clearing of that area has given us so much more usable space.  The picture below is just a portion of the wall – these men were true artisans and such had workers.  It makes me giddy to look at it – and it is right outside of my office window!  I will share more on it as the grass fills and and we figure out the area a little bit more.




So, now back to our Brimfield schemes…

We got in on Thursday afternoon and got a few hours in at the show.  We spent the whole day there Friday, but we were on a pretty slow pace.  It was hot.  As in really, really, really hot.  As in, take lots of water breaks so you don’t pass out hot.

But to show my friend Brimfield was such a treat for me.  She had always wanted to go and timed her visit so she could – and so we could celebrate her birthday.  God blessed me so beautifully in the friend department.  And the best, I still get to keep her here another week!



When you walk around the show, you always check out people’s carts to see what treasures they picked.

Well, at least I do!

On the first day, I bought a big group of vintage yardsticks – not pictured.  I must have been stopped by 10 people asking me what I was going to do with them.  Well, I will tell you – they are going to be made into something special (not totally sure what yet!) and be brought to Chapel Market in October!

Since you weren’t there, I thought I would share what I brought home and maybe it could spark a new idea next time you are treasure hunting.

Everything but the yardsticks and the exercise pins are metal – most of it being galvanized.  Every single galvanized piece drew me in – I just couldn’t walk pass them.  I kept joking that I was dating some pieces, taking pictures and thinking about coming back – but the ones I brought home?  We are married and in a long, loving and committed relationship.

This first piece is just quirky.  Some sort of frame or cage, all rusted and gnarly – just the way I like it.  I figure it will become a candle or light sconce at some point down the line.



These vintage exercise pins drew me in with their rustic wood.  Now, two of them appear as if an enthusiastic puppy was left alone with them.  But, for the price I paid, I am willing to sand and wax them to bring them back to life.



Besides, even if I could have passed up their beautiful patina, I could not pass up the beautiful stamp on them.  I imagine they will rotate between different vignettes and my mantel.



This galvanized mesh tray is from either a factory or a laboratory – but I loved the square shape of it.  In fact, I wished I bought more to sell at Chapel Market.  It just needs some “nubbies” on the underside and it will work perfectly on a tabletop – or – I am even think it would work great on a wall.



This mix of galvanized and brass letters has a very specific home in its future…stay tuned!  Debbie found these for me, the only very specific item I went looking for.  The fact that she found them make them even more precious.



This deep galvanized tray is amazing.  It was the only thing in the booth that different have a price on it.  When she gave me a price, the husband actually gasped.  I think she was effected by the sun because it was the same price as ones a quarter of its size.  Somehow, I keep seeing this one somehow becoming a tabletop, but until I find the perfect base, it will likely grace a table somewhere.



A fun stool…




A simple galvanized bucket.  I love the size and it is perfect to pop a mum plant in it.



A handful of vintage faucet handles that I have a fun project in mind for.



I am pretty sure this small galvanized box used to be some version of an ashtray.  I plan on prying off the little crossbar and using it as a display box.



L.O.V.E this sign.  It is being put aside until we redo Peanut’s room.



I scooped these galvanized panels as soon as I saw them.  I got a great deal by buying all five.  I plan on either hanging them on a wall or using them as the front panels of a piece of furniture we are planning on building soon.



If there is anything that I am seriously married to it is this tray.  So stinkin’ yummy!  When I bought it, the ladies who sold it through it was from a fish market and you filled it with water and ice to keep fish cold.  We all decided together it would be perfect for cocktails.



Just pour the water and ice right in the corner and set it out by the pool.  I learned later that day that it is actually a corn drying tray.  You fill it with water and heat it to dry the corn that lays on top.



Not matter what you call it, I love it.  I have visions of this tray also becoming a table as well.  It could go on our porch, or if done right, could even work great in our family room.



I thought I would share a few other things I loved but didn’t bring home.  This vintage Paris map was amazing – and already sold.  The colors were something a whole room could be designed around.  And yes, all of the galvanized yumminess in front of it was not lost on me.  Seriously, the covered box?



I forbid myself from buying anymore toolboxes but this was one of the best groupings of the day.  Each one was so incredible.




This galvanized house is actually a mailbox – albeit not a very practical one.  It was so pretty and truly a piece of folk art.  It matched the whole booth and the woman who ran it.  Everything was gray and linen, and she had beautiful long gray hair and wore clothing of gray linen.

And she wanted $700 for the mailbox.  Clearly, she really just wanted to show it off and just bring it back home with her!



So there you have it.  We only saw about a third of the show this year.  Remember, hot hot hot weather and a slow pace.  If you ever get a chance to go, you really should.  Most of the vendors are so interesting and love to share stories about their pieces and themselves.

As always, the story behind it will always be my favorite part…

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15 thoughts on “Brimfield Schemes & Galvanized Dreams”


  1. Looks like such a great show. A dealer in our shop in Lucketts is always set up there…German Favorites Antiques. He does amazingly well at that show. I’m dying to go some time!
    Love all the goodies you brought home.
    Mary Alice

  2. Love the treasures you found Laura, and glad to hear you got to spend time with your dear friend at Brimfield! But honestly can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were in our neck of the woods! Could’ve grabbed a quick snack in between all those awesome vendors at least. Sheesh! 😉 Next time, maybe?

  3. Enjoyed seeing what you found — what fun! And your stone wall is just beautiful. Reminded me of the Robert Frost poem “Mending Wall.” Looking forward to future posts about how you used your finds!

  4. I was also at Brimfield last Thursday and it was brutally HOT. It was even hotter than the July show. Lots of water and a much slower pace were definately in order. I picked up smaller items that could be carried in a backpack, just couldn’t make the trip back to the car for drop off as usual. No matter what the weather it is always a great adventure, so many treasures and interesting people even the food is worth the trip. Love those apple cider doughnuts!

  5. I have always wanted to go to this show – someday I will make it! For now, I will see you at Chapel Market! That is close to home for me and I loved it last year. So glad you are coming this year!

  6. You sure do look like you enjoy what you are doing. You always seem to inspire me and get me going as a new blogger. Please take the time to follow my blog and help me get started. Comments are greatly appreciated.
    Thanx, Jo XX

  7. Great finds Laura! Love the vintage Paris map…no surprise that someone had already snapped it up. The temps in Brimfield were exactly what we experienced last October at the Round Top, Texas antique fair. I had never felt heat like that before in my life even living in the South. Funny though, all the Texas women must use some special make-up and anti-humidity hair product because they all looked like they just stepped out of a salon.