2 Years of Mantels

I recently came upon my two year “blogaversary”.

As with all markings of time we look back and reflect.

One of my favorite projects to work on in my house is my mantel.  My head is spinning (when I should be sleeping – hence the dark circles!) for my Christmas mantel already.

It occurred to me that my  “A Year in Mantels” post was a year out of date, so I thought I would now reflect on TWO years of mantels.

2 years of mantels, Mantel Decorating

So without further adieu…

My first mantel…(actually, I have always decorated my mantel, the first one I photographed for the blog!)

Halloween Mantel 2010

Tashman-fall blog 075-300

Fall / Thanksgiving Mantel 2010


Christmas Mantel 2010

hats and christmas mantel 046_300

The Key to My Heart Mantel 2011 / Valentines Day and Winter

auction and church 095

Spring Mantel 2011


Summer Mantel 2011 (I think this one might be my favorite)

MEg chorus concert and summer mantel 047

Fall Mantel 2011

Mike and Jack, Fall mantel 211

Christmas Mantel 2011

finding home christmas mantel 2011

Winter Mantel 2012


Spring Mantel 2012


Summer Mantel 2012


Fall Mantel 2012


And that brings us to what is on my mantel right now.  I have to say my fall mantel is one that is prettier in person than it photographed. Oh well, we love it just the same.

Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. – Amazingly enough, a few of mantels are on BHG.com, they can be found here, here and here.

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27 thoughts on “2 Years of Mantels”


    1. Awesome, Mantel Whisperer! Love all your ideas, hard to pick a favorite, but the baseball flag is pretty tough to top

  1. Well, without further ado, “trouble or difficulty…fuss, esp. about something that is unimportant…” I think your mantel vignettes are lovely.

  2. Wow – these are, each one, just gorgeous! I do change mine around, but we barely ever even go in the Living room and I’m usually the only one that gets to see them : P

    Thanks for sharing – you and your beautiful home are truly inspiring to this old lady!


  3. Mantels are always so much fun to decorate and you know how to do it right! Your displays are always unique and full of inspiration. I enjoyed the look back.

  4. I love this post! I had only found your blog this past Summer, so I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful mantels that I missed. They are fabulous!

  5. They are all wonderful, Laura, but I think my favorite is last year’s Christmas mantel. I should really look into doing the ledge above my TV and use that as a “mantel” per se.

  6. I love these mantels, they are so pretty. Love the topiaries and the Christmas mantel., I can’t wait to see your inspiration for this Christmas.


  7. Hi Laura, your mantels are beautiful. Could you tell me what color and brand of paint you used on your walls? I love that too!!

  8. I love the name of your blog. And going through these pictures something occured me “You found it!”. Whata lovely home you have with those enchanting settings.

  9. I love this! As I scrolled down to each one I would go awww oh, yeah I remember that one, so pretty and then uh aw yes I loved that one. I can’t pick a favorite, I guess if I had to I would say your mantle’s are my favorite thing you do! 🙂

  10. Hi Laura,
    Of all the Mantels that I see online, including Pinterest, YOUR Mantels are by far the Best.
    I love them all but my favourites are definitely
    2011 Summer & 2011 Christmas.
    Take Care & Stay Safe.
    Thinking of you all in the US after Sandy hit.
    ♥ Dale from Down Under ♥

  11. Wow! I stumbled across this post and will have to bookmark it! Mantels are one thing I really struggle with, and yours are amazing. You’ve got serious mantel skills! I’m going to become a student of your mantels and try to come up with something for my home that I’m not ashamed for anyone to see!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful scenes.

  12. OMG…those are some amazing mantels! I have to say it is one of my favorite and least favorites spaces. I have a very tall electric one in my LR…and I loved decorating it for the seasons. UNTIL my husband decided to move the 36″ tv from the spare bedroom to the upstairs LR. UGH so the big black box on my black fireplace has become depressing and I decorated on the sides in 3’s. lol

    Love your ideas, hoping once we move I will be inspired again. NO TV on the mantel in the new house! LOl

    Lucky 7 Design

  13. I love ALL of you r mantels. I am always trying to come up with new ideas for mine too. After Christmas I love something more simple also. I love your decorating !